Monday, February 23, 2009

In The Blue Corner....

Quite an interesting Thread I thought in which I have been sounding off


Mark Wadsworth said...

Iz, I don't particularly agree with you on a lot of things but on that thread you were certainly polite and gave proper real life examples and you got the usual blinkered leftie bullshit for your pains.

It goes to show, you can take a horse to water, but you can't smash its head in with a crowbar.

As it happens, the least-worst electoral system is first past the post with top up seats, like in Baden W├╝rttemberg, that's the best of both worlds, or at least the least worst. And B-W is a deeply conservative state (not to my liking but hey).

Nick Drew said...

you do some great missionary work, Mr M, requiring considerable patience, stamina and intellectual alertness

a rather thankless task I should imagine, so - thank you !

Newmania said...

Nice of you to bother looking MW and ND I thought the original article was quite thought provoking

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