Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Dragon Beats St. George

David (simple ) Semple has been applauding the cancellation of funds for a St. Georges day Parade by Sandwell`s loony left Council ( Of which legendary left hard man Bob Piper is a leading light )
'Simple' includes the traditional “humour “ ..It has always seemed something of an irony that the imagery adopted by parts of the far right in the UK has been of a mythical individual, a foreigner, who never visited England. He should be should be on TV or something eh ….( when they have programme called ’ a tedious snot regurgitates an old as the quills school boy smirk) . Got the level ? .
I generally deplore meddlesome state spending but I am in favour of the state playing an active role in are culturally enriching activities like St. Georges Day Parades .On its own it’s a limited vision of Englishness of course . Ideally I would like to see a range of cohering encouragements as well as measures to marginalize that which fragments the country (preferably out of public space altogether ).You might call it mono-culturalism

For example you could requires a knowledge and understanding of English history to take public sector jobs as well as a competence in English , something like the Welsh are doing for Welsh , (which I would stop .)
OK I `m semi serious at best but you get the point . Look what we put up with by way of cultural fascism the other way !
I admit I like the idea of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown being legally obliged to spend one afternoon of the week Morris dancing . For those with collectivist instincts why not re enact the peasants revolt , read the revolutionary poetry of William Blake re-enact the Peterloo massacre or commemorate the Tolpuddle Martyrs . This is what one said ….. George Loveless : God is our guide! from field, from wave, From plough, from anvil, and from loom; We come, our country’s rights to save, And speak a tyrant faction’s doom: We raise the watch-word liberty; We will, we will,we will be free!
Better I think that continuing to fund the vacuous gloop of multicultural crapola currently inflicted by the Liberal Conspiracy of year zero soulless barbarians.

Compare the denial of Englishness with compulsory Welshness .A quarter of the Welsh under 35 now speak Welsh a language of no use whatsoever which for the most part they demonstrably have no interest in . In 2000 after 18 years Sianel Pedwar Cymru had 7.7% of viewers in Wales and that number has been falling steadily it is down by a third , even its English language programmes are shunned . Without endless cash flung at its signs , translations and so on Welsh would be marginal and guess who pays

Public spending Wales is £5,052 per head in Wales. This compares with a figure of £4,283 for England. In other words the English tax payer subsidises Wales including its expensive regionalism . Over half of the Welsh economy is in the Public sector so its ability to survive alone at all is dubious.Its not actually obligatory to speak Welsh to get a job in the huge public sector but unofficial preference is given to Welsh speakers .Welsh was virtually extinct before being added to the National curriculum in1988 and then further imposed by the Welsh Language Act ,
Why reanimate the corspe then ? It suit’s the EU who have supported it through the Charter of Regional or Minority Languages ( Signed by Blair )as a means of breaking up Nations states and removing control to Brussels .It is also a means of promoting separation from “Greater England “ and entrench the Celtic drift from Conservatism retaining those Labour MP`s at Westminster.
The responsibility born by the English Tax payer for subsidising the Welsh becomes somewhat problematical when the Welsh have their own assembly with large areas of Competence from which the English asymmetrically excluded while Welsh votes continue to impose the Labour Party on the English .This backcloth is part of the reason why the English identity is feared and hated by New Labour . That’s why in our age the Dragon is winning and St. George is on his last legs


Auntie Flo' said...

"We raise the watch-word liberty; We will, we will,we will be free!"

I love that. Well quoted, newms. Totally agree with you. What irks me as much as anything does about this whole Welsh Parliament farce is that the Welsh appear to have not yet grasped that this is one of the prime means with which they are being conned out of their nationhood and culture too.

This nationlistic phase is just a temporary phase, once the EU has them in its vice like grip they'll be kicked to b*ggery by unelected and corrupt hoards in Brussels, just like the rest of us.

The Irish have cottoned on alright, hence their heroic refusal to accept the Lisbon Treaty. And God bless 'em, every one of them for that. The Scots are are halfway there, yet something holds them back - could it be English poonds?

Do you know what a Scot list owner on one of the family history lists told me? There is no such country as England, we are not a nation, not a race, we are just the payers of the poonds. GrrrrrRRRRR!

Newmania said...

Funny Flo when I found that I thougt of you , itsa very Flo-ish sort of thing .

Philipa said...

Being English sometimes feels like being a member of the most hated race on earth. It's somehow quietly embarassing for us to want autonomy or national pride. Bit like the once posh git who can no longer make the rent but is still providing the buffet.

Newmania said...

Ha ha very good Phillipa

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