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Anti-racists urgently need to get involved in the current discussion on whiteness. It is important to take the grievances of white members of the working class seriously, but surely this does not mean disregarding the views of ethnic minority members of the working class
( Lib Con)

This is not possible because anti racists live in hermetically sealed bubble of aggressive sanctimony. They believe “racism” trumps all ,and is detectable in any utterance with which they do not agree. They have no imaginative grasp of an ethnic identity for the indigenous people of this country, nor the intellectual equipment to approach the relationship of a people to its country “ . They are so psychotically addicted to encouraging mass immigration that they make what is a legitimate debate into a war between those who wish to conduct a cultural Anschluss and ordinary people
The way to solve the problem of racism , where it exists , is not by doling out patronising lectures to the white working classes who are less racist than the white middleclass and far less racist than the Brown and Black communities . It is by listening to what are reasonable grievances based on a near universal conception of a country not just as a car park for all comers but as an organic entity a home and an inheritance .
There will be no end to the increasing animosity until the left come to the table and discuss immigration with their increasingly absurd baggage left outside . Currently a dangerous lag between the views of the people and its political class is closing fast . No serious politician , not Gordon Brown , not Nick Clegg , can claim mass immigration is either an economic or social gain or that can we continue as we have done .My own view is that levels should be capped at around 97 levels with a points system applying to the many new citizens based on what they can add . This would have an additional advantage of beginning a process of valuing British citizenship , currently treated as a ticket to entitlement without respect . Others may have a view but the Liberal left “anti racist “ is a shrill squawk miles away.

If there is one person in whom every error I mention is personified , every grievance magnified every road to negotiation blocked it is the Editor of this Site Sunny Hundal. He and his fellow aggressive extremists are leading the Liberal left into a wilderness of inward looking pointless dated paradigms on which country has turned its collective back.


Philipa said...

I don't know 'Sunny' but..

"They have no imaginative grasp of an ethnic identity for the indigenous people of this country, nor the intellectual equipment to approach the relationship of a people to its country"

Oh so true.

Let us leave the valid argument or religion to one side (ie. Christian immigrants can integrate into a largely Christian country more easily than muslim immigrants whose culture is diametrically opposed to the indigeous culture).

Let us concentrate on modern and specific realities: It is my experience and one that has been widely reported, that Indian and Pakistani immigrants not only keep themselves apart as a people, tending to live in ghettos, but also keep themselves apart as an attitude. Asian boys, particularly the first born, are raised with a particular view of women. That may be so and so what you may so, so are many white indigenous boys. Well yes but it is custom to expect an arranged marriage, often to a person living outside this country and automatically naturalised because of the marriage. So immigration is bound to increase simply on culture not on need or the imigrant having anything to offer their inteded society. Except a convenient womb for more of the same.

It is my experience, or rather the experience of people I have known, that such as destination causes young Asian males to USE white females before, and after, this arranged marriage. More the white women you may say! But there is a cultural expectation when a male courts a female and witholds truth and sending out a message to warn all women against Asian males would be deemed racist. A racist slur.

When two cultures so opposed collide there are bound to be casulaties. sadly the casualties are not just broken hearts and hymens. I have known Asian women on the run from fathers, brothers and cousins who intend to murder them. Simply for falling in love with a white man. We don't tend to do that.

It doesn't end there; an Asian man was lured away from his love 'of the wrong caste', whom he wanted to marry. Once in India he was imprisoned and starved - promised food and release if he would marry the girl chosen for him, who had also been coerced. All this by his own family. Once this was done and he was back in England his feisty love rescued him and they went to the authorities. The marriage was annulled and the 'wife' sent back. This is a rare success story.

Then we have the situation of young Asian men born and raised in the UK becomming radical freedom fighters for... another country. Not the one that fed and sustained them. Some idea of home and oppression here. Well hey, if you don't like it here just sod off why don't you? We have airports.

Whilst concentrating on the issues created by one particular group it would be easy and likely for me to be accused of racial prejudice. I'm not against India, Pakistan or their peoples. I don't object to them in principle. And, as the saying goes, many friends have roots there.

But that doesn't blind me to the problems of immigration.

I'm not colour prejudice but I don't like being told to leave a public house in the area I was born, in this country, by an afro-caribbean, simply because I'm white.

Why is that condoned?

Why am I allowed to be subjected to such prejudice in my own country? My fathers community can be traced back to pre-Saxon times, as far as records began. You've only been here five bloody minutes - we got dibbs!

And that's it - dibbs - the immigrants are objecting to new immigration because they see the infrastructure is overloaded and the whole community will suffer, namely them. They claim dibs over the newbies.

Newmania said...

That was a bit of a forbiddiong comment Phillipa but I`m glad I read it. I have always known lots of black people but hardly any Asians , don`t know why

david brough said...

Because they think you're a knobhead.

Philipa said...
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Newmania said...

Because they think you're a knobhead.

(Not missed anything then)

J said...

Well written post. God this country is a mess.

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