Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Am I a Loon ?

Well British Asian Sunny ( Red) Hundal thinks so ... here he is pictured fighting against overwhelming prejudice..

We have loons like newmania who pretend that everything is fine and hunky dory, if only the ethnics got rid of that chip on their shoulder - without ever acknowleding that deep within party structures, people are turned away for no other reason than the colour of their skin or their cultural background.’
……in this country the Tories do their best to do that. After all, the woman they so revere - Margart Thatcher - did her best to ape National Front rhetoric. and that wasn’t so long ago.
I beg to differ :
I do not say “ the ethnics “ because I do not want to frame any discussion I terms of an largely illusory distinction .It implies a homogenous constituency which is a lie . Racism in this country is practiced by Asians towards Blacks far more than in any other context so sort your own house out before you continue your long whine!
The chief beneficiaries of skin pigment quotas are middleclass Asian and Indian Lawyers and the like whose connection to the discriminated against population is less close than mine. I actually have non white , non privileged children. They do not
You say there are ‘deep Party structures (discriminatory ones ) but the Conservative Party leaps on any black or Asian like a starving man on a juicy pie only requiring they can faintly string a sentence together . Its actually quite pathetic .That there are numerous , mostly class , barriers is obviously true but irrelevant here .

The racism of Margaret Thatcher
Here you are throwing around groundless slurs as usual . In Ali Rattanis `s almost psychotically charged witch hunt ( Racism an Introduction) , he comes up with this as the nadir of her crimes .
If we carry on as we are , by the end of the century there would be 4,000,000 people of the New Commonwealth here . Now that is an awful lot and I think people are afraid that this country might be swamped by people of a different culture . As you know the British character has done so much for democracy and so much for the world that if there is a fear it will be swamped people will be rather hostile to t those coming in
I think this is as close as she ever came to racism so I am being far fairer to you than you are to me or you deserve . Mr. Rattansi`s divining rod flicks at “ The New Commonwealth “ as a code for the Black and brown nations .The language is insensitive by the fanatically police standards we endure today because it draws a line between white and non white nations . That’s your case , probably a better one than you actually have
Who are those white nations though ? Australia ? New Zealand? We were at that time at the end of a mass emigration from England to both as the skilled working classes were forced out of the country by the post war Labour governments who eroded their differentials. The cultural closeness between the countries obviously bears no comparison . Economic migration was in any case taking people the other way so for the Old Common Wealth the question does not arise at all.. What on earth could she say that would satisfy people like Rattansi
It was Attlee’s Labour Government that tried to stop the consequences of the Empire Windrush . It was Margaret Hodge who complained about immigrants creeping up the housing list . It is Hazel Blears who consistently placates the BNP constituency , it is Gordon Brown who bangs on about Britishness and Labour who conducted a quite disgraceful racist campaign in Crewe which you no doubt applauded because they were only Poles .
Nothing will ever be perfect . Black communities favour profiling and you can pick at that all you like . Overall racism is hugely over blown by people trying to make a living out of it or using guilt to attack the ethnically English and gainsay their right to any voice in deciding what sort of country this is going to be at all.
British Asian
Your British Asian nonsense is hanging from Sky Hooks , the word British means nor more than a set of entitlements it used to mean greater England . People now call themselves English. Your wish for entitlement is not being questioned . This has little to do with a country .


Bill Quango MP said...

You are possibly a loon Newmania.
However Sunny Hundal is a Hoon.
A complete and utter one proven over and over again.

Newmania said...

I think my loonishness has long been an established fact BQM

John M Ward said...

Well, I hear there are vacancies within the Official Monster Raving Looney Party…

Newmania said...

Thanks John , I `ll dust off my CV

Philipa said...

Well at least he's got an official excuse to whine, he should try being a woman.

Philipa said...

And of course you're gloriously loony, Newms :-)

Anonymous said...


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