Sunday, January 18, 2009

Liberals and PR

If I was a small nebulous third Party I would want PR which would hand power to the Party no-one likes , as does STV. As we well know the Liberal Party has no intertest whatsoever in democracy as it showed over Lisbon reneging on an outright promise for a referendum. (Then quietly supporting New Labour in the Lords )
Alchemical formulas are designed to give a small Party power they cannot win by actually gaining wide support. Very democratic . Furthermore it is only an extension of an already existing elitist con perpetrated by the wider Liberal Constituency . Basically it involves disenfranchising the conservative working class not to say straightforward gerrymandering

Currently Labour can get a majority on 36% of the vote, whereas the Tories need 42% or an 8 point lead .This is the result of a, long campaign to delay the boundary commission and not to reform it to reflect new facts about population movement speed ( from Labour inner city Constituencies ) . Add to that the double counting of Scottish and Welsh votes who should have far less seats given the WLQ , Holyrood etc. and under the current FPTP system the left are vastly over represented .
The PR dream is to establish a permanent Lib Lab pact and (remove the accountability of MP`s both from constituents and from the country as they will be impossible to remove . ). This they believe will permanently exclude Conservatives and result in consistent Progressive pressure. It is a lie and would require us to be governed by something more like a court than a Parliament .

There is no progressive majority try finding it in any pub? Not on immigration , not on international aid ( seen the figures) , not on capital punishment , not on abortion , not on just about every so-called progressive measure we have had inflicted upon us none of which command majority support ( and obviously not on Europe ) . PR is actually a way of reinforcing the disproportionate power held by middleclass Liberals by bribing half their enemies with money taken from the other half within the Labour Party class advantage is used to control conservative elements . The second choice Party of 30 % of Labour voters is the BNP. They would find it odd to be counted in the progressive majority . Take a step back and you see Liberals hate democracy they like the form of it within which they can force everyone to do as they are told.

Any move to PR with Labour sliding inexorably to defeat ( see today’s awful Polls for Labour ) would be a threat to democracy at the most fundamental level . It could not possible be undertaken without referendum which PR supporters would lose….under PR.. Not one single Conservative would support it ands they would all vote and unless you can deliver the entire labour Party that is that….and you cannot because the people of this country above all else want to be able to kick the bastards out . Such a system then would have no legitimacyWe can be sure Labour know they are finished when they start talking about PR we can be sure the Lib Dems never started because they never stop

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i think it was old holborn who has an anti labour advert on his blog...quite informative...

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