Friday, January 30, 2009

Fat Cows and Skinny Cows

.It is not reasonable to have expected Gordon Brown to have understood that his boom was illusory when tribes of economists paid to say ‘super’ and ‘great ‘did just that. Brown had no idea why the economy was doing so well he was just a plodding chancellor who road his luck .Far from directing he was bobbing like a cork on currents he knew nothing of
The strange thing is that while economists paid to say what their bosses want to hear ( and that goes for the MPC ) did so , almost everyone else sniffed a rodent . Every time we were told we had a Service economy everyone else thought “ Servicing what ?”. Every time we swapped a small house for another one and received £100,000 out of thin air , we thought “ Is that right ? “. When we went through a small town to see ten financial advisory shop fronts and little else we though….”mmmm”, and we all said so.
Ok Brown’s regulatory system certainly did not help. Many of us have experienced the clown show that is the FSA . In this hysterical prat fall of an organisation people who knew little charged fortunes to check the radio worked when the car was going at 150 Mph down a single lane road. The right kind of regulation was certainly not available ( oh yes there was lots of it ) ,but nonetheless I, think it is optimistic to imagine a Conservative Government could have avoided the merde.Brown similarly would not have avoided the ERM debacle.....

Where we can really blame Brown however is that, along with raising debt every year, after Tory spending plans were ditched, he created an ants nest of public sector sinecures with borrowed money . After all ,during this wonderful boom , many people actually did not have much money . A typical married couple had very little more to spend after their mortgage . So where did the boom go?
It disappeared into the state and its parasitical empire . Ordinary peo ple had their pensions stolen . Education health and Law and order did not perform well exceopt to provice fabulously over paid jobs and as for the Services were actually starved . Taxes crept up and after ten years of supposedly enjoying the fruits of tomorrow’s work today we suddenly notice , there is not even a fruity after taste ....

Our children are mortgaged ,our services will have to be cut ,our homes and jobs are at risk, and there he sits
; this ‘Brown.’ He kept the fat cows for his chums but he is sending us the skinny and vile remnants for supper .


Daisy said...

very well said and i believe the comparison could be used with others in power as well...seems keeping the fat...fat...and reducing what is given to the rest is normal behavior...kind of like the banking industry come to think of it ;)

Bill Quango MP said...

I had never been so poor than in 2005, where after 2 years without a payrise, I had just £10.00 a week left unaccounted for.Ie real disposable income. In 2003 it was nearer £50.
That was council tax, company car tax, missing all the tax credits..£100 for a passport, £30 for a driving licence, parking charges, rising utility bills. etc.
Just to stand still on earnings was to lose out.

I agree that Brown is not to blame, but the Tory claims about not fixing the roof, although a rubbish soundbite, are true.
The waste of money must be in the thousand billions.

Newmania said...

It is true BQ and its not just the waste.

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