Monday, October 06, 2008

Strange Days

Over the next two decades China is likely construct as many new buildings as Europe’s total current stock.
( Angela Gurria OECD Gen Sec.)
For the last twenty years we have managed to spend more every December than we did the previous year (Richard Nyman in the Telegraph last Christmas)
Between 1997 and 2007 the rise in British property values exceeded the gross earnings of all British female Employees over the same period
In 2007 China`s exports of goods totalled $1,217 bn. The US managed $1,162bn
Tim Congdon Standpoint
The combined GDP`s of NATO and Japan are fifteen times that of Russia
(as above )
In the US a Poll of 10,000 married couples in 2006/7 found that 19% met on line compared with17% who met at work and 17% who met through friends
( Daily Mirror 14.8.08)
Of 2000 News stories studied 80% were wholly or partially constructed from second hand material provided by news agencies and the PR industry
( Flat Earth News )
Total debt in the world $700 trillion , total GDP $60 trillion
( The archive )
British manufacturing exports are worth six times as much as financial services exports
BBC election night 1979 Peregrine Worsthorne lamented that Margaret Thatcher’s majority was too small for her to contemplate anything radical
( Dominic Sand brook New Statesman )
The governments advertising expenditure is only £150million per year the cost of widening 6 miles of the M1
(Rory Sutherland , Speccie )
It takes 5% of a crowd to make the rest follow them without knowing why …
( Roger Highfield On Science of Crowds )
The calorific value of the typical English diet in 1850 was roughly equivalent to the average Indian diet today
(Robert Fogel- Escape From Hunger and Premature Death )
Brent is the only place in Britian where women earn on average as much as men …
(Property Finder )
In 2007 You Tube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire net in in 2000
( New York Times 13.3.08)
The 1942 Beveridge report sold 600,000 copies
In 1948 the first year of the NHS there were 480,000 hospital beds and 176,000 people on the waiting list. Today there are 167000 beds and 1,283100 on the waiting list
Sun 2.7.08
When woman`s hour began in 1946 it was hosted by a man
( Sunday Times 13.5.07)
About 1/3 of the goals scored in Euro 2008 were scored by people who were not born citizens of the country they were playing for


Anonymous said...

In June 2007 the average length of a blog post was 221 words by June 2008 it has risen to 293 words (Source Internet Information Foundation Aug 2008)

Newmania said...

You made that up ...did you? Really ?

Philipa said...

In 1973, despite the divorce laws in 1965, a working woman alone was still unable to secure a rental agreement or get credit without a man going guarantor for her. That continued for a long time so in marriage you were still effectively sleeping with the landlord.


Little Black Sambo said...

Where did you find that wonderful picture?

Newmania said...

It is the cover of an Album entitled 'Strange Days' ....and it came from google image search

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you guys don't know The Doors. Legends.

Newmania said...

I do .

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Strange days indeed ...

Great post, very interesting.

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