Monday, October 06, 2008

Cross Dressing Labour

Continuing the cross dressing theme I come to Craig Revel Horwood’s fraudulent immigration,and the possibility that Strictly’s judgemental ex drag queen will be booted out .(1) .Its a shame that that such a genial fellow should not be able to dance and opine here , n0t "nice" ,and the left, having lost every serious argument since Callaghan , need their self assessed “Niceness “. Immigration then, is touchy issue for them. The truth on the ground has no time for such cant .
An example : One Brighton School copes with 28 languages. Brighton was the testing ground for Labour`s lottery allocation of school places . It was designed to prevent the better state schools being colonised by middleclass post code manipulators. This phenomenom helped stop social mobility and entrench poverty under Labour. By means of judicious property acquisition Labour MP`s have themsleves shamelesly used pure financial selection for their own children .
Lack of social cohesion
in Brighton, has in part, caused the well meaning lottery allocation pilot scheme to fail . Acrimonious disputes are one sign the flood of parents prepared to sell their organs to get their children away from the pre-prison into private education is more germane .
Nick Coen tells us that 35% of Labour supporters give the BNP as their second choice Party. The issue was until recently the top worry of the electorate and Frank Field and Nicholas Soames combined to show cross Party support for the Conservative Policy of a cap to immigration. With a general election melt down looming, the pressure on Labour to start listening on immigration has been growing for a long time .Set against that is their ethnic vote , general dislike of nationalism and “Niceness” delusion..
The desire for power has triumphed. It appears that yet again Labour will be donning Tory clothes .Even as Liam Byrne, the ex immigration minister is in Prospect claiming immigration is a “vortex” issue sucking in disparate concerns and that a cap was ..”out of the question” .Phil Woolas , the new guy, is saying that “ On a commonsense level there has to be a limit . You have to have a policy that thinks about the population ..etc.”

In effect he calling Liam Byrne a fool and a liar.Goody.

News of The World Story On Craig Hawood


Bill Quango MP said...

OK, now bear with me on this one but I can answer this oddity of NuLAb being anti immigration.

It seems that there is a shift in who stands for what.

There is a theory that the nations of Europe, at some point in history, all moved round a country.
So the Romans, the great organisers but poor cooks, became the Italians, abject administrators but great style and food. Where did the Romans go?

The Gauls, great fighters but poor cooks, became the French. How so?

Well The Ancient Britans were poor fighters but good cooks - The Gauls were Poor cooks but good fighters - The Romans were great Administrators and soldiers but poor cooks - the Huns were great fighters but poor administrators.
The Ancient Greeks had great culture and average fighting skills.

At some point the Ancient British migrated to Italy and became the great cooking, terrible fighting Italians.
The tough but hungry Gauls migrated to Britain to become the hard fighting nation of takeaways.
The administrative Romans with their fish diets became the efficient Germans who have been unable to export even a single restaurant to the undemanding English, and the disorganised Huns merged with the cultural Greeks to become the Modern French. For some as yet unknown reason the hard fighting Napoleonic French all emigrated to form Australia. Clearly all the culture and cooking skills remained in France.

Now, looking at the News of the World poll the Labour Party have migrated from being the ..

Freedom of individual rights
Open Borders
Carer of the NHS
Nationalisation of industry
anti capitalist
untrustworthy with the economy
lack of experience
Workers rights
High income tax
Tree hugging anti airport party

to being the 1980's Tory party of
Dumping on the NHS
42 days
PFI denationalisation
Capitalist and bank loving
experienced no novice
anti union
unchanged income tax
airport and town building
point scoring for immigration party

The Tories have moved round to become the old Liberals LibDems/ SDP and the Lib Dems have become the old Socialists or more accurately, have become an irrelevance.

All this history is currently taught in the curriculum under the subject Social and inclusive history of Europe for Dummies. {3 week course £1200. Diploma and national vocational history certificate courses available. this qualification is recognised by the UK government as equivalent to a PHD but employers may value it as highly as an NVQ level 1}

Newmania said...

I hereby accuse you of yoking a great gag into a quite unrelated poltical comment .The left arenot the Conservatives of the 80s by a damn long way and the Conservative Party is still not a lot like the Liberals .
I see what you mean but I think that the Conservative Party of the 80s was a subsequent invention of the BBC largely .

electro-kevin said...

Where did the Romans go, Bill ?

Why - their centurions became priests and their Emperors Popes.

electro-kevin said...

I can't help feeling that the Vatican is behind the EU.

Newmania said...

Part of the Nazi myth was an identification with the Eastern defence of civilisation

Bill Quango MP said...

Thinking about it.. where did all the
ultra socialists go?
Militant tendency, The socialist workers party, the British communist party,Red Robo + British Leyland, , Arthur Scargill and the miners and Aslef members all go? Possibly they all went that little bit further left and have merged with the BNP coming the other way.

As for the charge of I hereby accuse you of yoking a great gag into a quite unrelated poltical comment, I offer no defence except

I point to questions "Who do you trust more to modernise the NHS"
Gordon Brown 35%
David Cameron 46%

Improving standards in Britain's schools
Gordon 34%
Dave 47%

Improving Transport
Gordon 35%
Dave 40%

Imagine Margaret's Tories being judged the best on NHS/Schools and transport!

I have another theory too, which I will unashamedly Yoke to a future post..

electro-kevin said...

To dispell any myth that the Nazis were athiest.

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