Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reptiles Manoeuvre For Power

Lord Dale of Blogland noted recently that when no-one is looking the Liberals are still on the side of Labour
“…at a fringe meeting at the LibDem conference …Vince Cable has just issued a clarion call for the LibDems and Labour to think about merging after a heavy defeat for Labour at the next election……."
The same sort of dalliance is going on in Manchester according to Hopi Sen
“…..I’ve defected to the Lib Dems - or rather to a fringe meeting with Ming Campbell, Norman Lamb, James Purnell and Peter Hain on the relationship between Labour and the Lib Dems. ……”
Nick Clegg`s tax cut offer was a lie ( Fraser Nelson)
“. The 4p cut .would be replaced by a local income tax – so a tax shift, not a tax cut....etc.”.
It seemed to have an effect in this weekends Poll in the Indy though ,no doubt because profiting from the fact that Cameron has responsibly not been able to promise tax cuts. Of course he has a problem they do not .It was this weekend 37% of the Liberals’ own supporters agreed it did not matter what they promised by way of Policy , it will never happen

So the Liberal Party are winking at their own voters by telling them the tax cut is con.Meanwhile they keep chummy with Labour while pretending not to be Labour -lite because Labour are out of favour .Reptiles.


Daisy said...

i wonder where they get their wonderful makeup...you would never know how truly cold blooded they are with all the public bleeding they do...

Blue Eyes said...

Cameron must not be bounced into making silly announcements to please the Tory core vote! Tax cuts once we get the deficit under control should be the cry!

Hammer Labour on the economy, hammer Labour on red tape and competitiveness, hammer Labour on education, hammer Labour on the Big Brother state.

Home and dry at the election then the work starts to sort this country back out.

Go Cam!

Newmania said...

I agree with that actually BE and it is all the more despicable that Clegg has invenetd this fiction

Blue Eyes said...

DC has done his good work on detox, now he needs to shout from the rooftops that Labour has been a disaster in so many ways. Then once he has destroyed all credibility of a Labour return in 09/10 he can spell out what the Tories will do with their big majority.

Clegg can promise to slash taxes all he likes, he will never have to deliver on his promises. Nobody believes that the state can be cut down to size overnight.

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