Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Illiberal Conspiracy

This is the comments policy at Liberal conspiracy:

'We have a tight comments policy aimed at fostering constructive debate.
We believe in free speech but not your right to abuse our space.
Abusive, sarcastic or silly comments may be deleted.
Misogynist, racist, homophobic and xenophobic comments will be deleted.
Please familiarise yourself with our
comments policy.'

This is what they would do to the country if they could


Croydonian said...

Classist comments are welcome, I believe.

Newmania said...

Well well well lookee here ,the hand is gone(Is that wise). Nice to see you C

Philipa said...

Paul, dearest, I feel sorry for Brown. Send therapy.

Croydonian said...

Indeed Mr N.

jezza clarkson said...

They have the right to control their own property, and aren't obliged to let through any comments whatsoever. They can do what they like on their own turf.

Newmania said...

They can do what they like on their own turf.

Sort of ,"If you don`t like this country piss off" you mean ?

Philipa said...

Newms I think you have a manifesto.

I'd vote for you.

Little Black Sambo said...

I won't try commenting there then. (Not that it sounds as if it could possible be worth reading.)

Newmania said...

Are you being sarcastic LBS ? Not allowed

bozza johnson said...


No, more like your mate Iain Dale's insistence that anyone who dislikes his site can go elsewhere.

Same thing really.

Aaron Heath said...

What an odd perception of property ownership you have.

Having spent a decade on forums, etc, I can attest that a robust comment policy is necessary to prevent trolls and troublemakers from ruining things.

Indeed, please read ConHome's ::

Homophobic, racist or other hateful posts will also result in permanent bans.

Bad language, personal nastiness or posts that are overly long, tangential or simply tedious may be deleted and their authors may be subject to temporary or permanent bans.

The Editor's decision is final with regard to any and all bans.


I can't think of many comments that have been deleted at LC (indeed, personally, I haven't deleted any). We're more than happy to be a forum for criticism - just not abuse.

Also, as an editor at LC, I don't have any ambitions to run the country. I just write about politics.

Newmania said...

I have met Tim Montgomerie who is not the Conservative party personified by any means . I said ( and I was a pissed) ‘Tim, your article in the Telegraph was boring and actually your blog is tedious beyond belief’ . Iain Dale got rather cross with me for referring to Tim Montgomerie and a "Po faced Nazi"so I do not precisely see the point of your comparison. Po faced and bumptious ,he is, but a illiberal in the sense you are, he is not .
Terms such as homophobic can be interpreted as you and your kind do as , say , the expression of incredulity that adoptions must legally be neutral between gays and straights , or actual distasteful homophobia . On Con home the latter , you , on past form the former . Racism is similarly a term subject to infinite extension as I have recently discovered ( In a book by Ali Rattansi ) and covers a game whereby any defence of the country at all is associated with Nazi Germany KKK …and all that crap. On Con home it would be distasteful biologically based remarks of a sort Enoch Powell would have thought ridiculous only . Words are not a reliable currency.
.It is the use of the categories mentioned to shut down the right that I object to and there is no symmetrical thought policing on the right as regards the left. Naturally . The pomposity can be found on Con Home but to be honest they probably do have a better claim to self importance
That is my objection which you have misunderstood and I suspect I can guess what your ambitions are . Well bad luck because the Guardians astonishing public money bung for Public Sector recruitment will soon be cancelled and it will not be ale to compete in the open market.

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