Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Place Of The Unions

I have been chatting with Bobina Piper who feels that members being allowed to contract out of political contributions is going far enough in modernising the Unions..( They get it all back from the tax payers as a modernisation grant anyway, but I digress....)

Bob if I sell an Insurance Policy, and there are unrelated charges which you have to "Contract out of " , I will soon be serving time at her Majesties pleasure for seeking to enforce a contract that does not exist….Explain why Unions are allowed to act coercively ?

You are stuck with your union. They operate in some cases( The RMT) more as a protection racket than a defence of working people . The Union comes with employment legal protection and any number of inducements quite aside from the peer pressure.
I understand and support the historical reasons for Labour combining in order to be able to take on Capital which would otherwise hold too many cards. Historical is the operative word though.In the 21st century can you really defend openly buying Policies when Un ions represent less than 20 % of the countries working population…( 18% ) . This is exploiting everyone else . No wonder Public Sector pay has soared nearly 50% faster than Private .The Public Sector as enjoys guaranteed work and final salary pensions( the rest get no pension…thanks Brown)
When the rest of us are worried about our jobs we see the Guardian’s ad columns ( itself an unnecessary bung to float the otherwise unsustainable Guardian), are still pregnant with swollen salaries for community liaison officers , Enterprise interface coordinators ,and the rest of the parasitical sinecure holders
We cannot be held to ransom by these corrupt bullies . Contributions must be capped including from the Unions . Union members are very welcome to contribute in exactly the same way as everyone else. As we all know , it is Labour’s knowledge that they won’t that really drives this false debate. Conservatives contributions are typically from small private sources and usually far below say £50,000.
Its time to clean out the stables clean limbed moral people like me will, not put up with the bribery any more .Whether it is peerages , Bernie Ecclestone, breaks for slash and burn Private Equity wide boys or buying off the Unions with tax payers money this cannot go on. I call for a new purity in Party funding and in this clean new Edenic world I see no place for the smoky back room deals of Labour and its enforcers ."
Snicker hope Bobbby like that !


Bill Quango MP said...

I'm always suprised by the numbers of Union Members who disagree with their union leaders.
Yet there is little that they can do to influence the decisions taken in their name to support a political party.

If the revolution was to begin anywhere it should come from the ground. From people tired of empty promises, false hopes and funds wasted on a political party that doesn't even begin to deliver its supporters dreams.

The Union leaders, if they were not so irretrievably bound to Labour, should look at pulling the Social Democrats out of the Lib Dems, and forming a new party.

Who knows, after 2010, it will probably have more MPs than Labour anyway.

Newmania said...

I have wondered if we are the start of a new a paradigm( he said modishly ).There will always been some sort of Conservative Party I suppose but why Labour ?

Anonymous said...

The city boys are what the unions were 30 years ago, a force that has excessive, undemocratic influence, is bringing the country to its knees, and needs to be reigned in.

Newmania said...

Anon that is utter bollocks .

Merseymike said...

I want to see political parties funded fairly, and I think that means both a downsizing of the entire process, and state funding. I would have thought that any healthy political system needs to have at least two parties to choose from, although when they are so very similar it isn't as easy to justify.

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