Friday, September 19, 2008

Jon Cruddas Thrills The Old Left

Over on Compass Jon Cruddass is making what appears to me to be a statement of intent to challenge Brown form the left (The New Labour brand is now toxic argues Jon Cruddas MP ) . It certainly has the sweet old socialists excited. I have been trying to convey to them the tragic irrelevance of their dancing on a pin head.

"I think of Compass as a strangely enthralling old Lady still dressed in the fashions of years ago .I visit and listen and imagining the time when she was young a vital surrounded with cheering young men ...and now ...she is alone

And so the conversation slips
Among velleities and carefully caught regrets
Through attenuated tones of violins
Mingled with remote cornets

More tea ?

Article here


Nick Drew said...

you are too good for the likes of them, Mr M

pearls before swine

Blue Eyes said...

You are mean to wind them up though, who are you to take them away from their little fantasies! You are like the older brother who cheats the younger by telling him that Father Christmas isn't real.

Shame On You ;-)))

Bill Quango MP said...

What's this about Father Christmas?
I have been looking over at the Dow Jones.
Yesterday the stocks were worthless.
Today they are worth more than the number of times a hedge fund manager can curse the ban on short selling in
a day.

I assure you, Father Christmas is very much alive and well. he's just called Christopher Cox or George Bush.

Crushed said...

I like Jon Cruddas.

I like very few Labour MPs these days, but I like Jon Cruddas

Philipa said...

I like Jon Cruddass, I'd vote for him.

And what happened to the cold turkey on the blogging? We are both sad examples, Newms. Political opinions burst forth like over-ripe pustules.

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