Thursday, September 25, 2008

Labour`s Leap Left

Hopi , has been at the conference and is clearly still drunk on left wingery as Labour reverts to its tax and spend instincts .A good read.... ( see below )
I commented :The State cannot make jobs ,it can only redistribute opportunities at the risk of diminishing the total. Education, for example, has been a catastrophe by any reasonable international comparison. Untold billions have been wasted with the result that 70% of top graduates now want to be teachers! Who pays? Whose life chances were you thinking of ‘reducing ‘ then ? In ten years many people have seen an actual reduction in the standard of living after property payments and tax. Tax has gone up 80% (55% adjusted) but my salary and many others has increased little and intense competition from the EU
In ..‘challenging the Conservative’s to match their oft declared commitment to progressive ends with action’. ….I think you have a more fruitful area .This is the far outpost of the Conservative Party and therefore vulnerable. Cameron is sincere though , and if the country was not bankrupt ( Thanks for that) there would have been a Wisconsin style assault on the dependency Labour have encouraged. After ten years new jobs have gone to immigrants and public sector pen pushers. Multi generational poverty has been reinforced

The task of establishing the support of a wider coalition of voters not start with your core vote. If Brown was serious about wining the lection he would have talked about tax cuts .Brown sacrificed Labor’s hope for his own career ,and while you may be wooping at the thought of torturing working people for another couple of years this was a leap left which is the precise reverse of what was required .
. Labour have got a small 6% bounce but then the Liberals have relapsed by 4% leaving the Conservative Party on 41% after the Labour Conference. After the Conservative Conference we will be back as we were but even worse with Labour heading not only for defeat but for the end of Labour as we know it.
Refer Hopi Sen


Daisy said...

it's a pity when a new family cannot even buy a starter home because of the expense, instead has to throw their money away year after year to a rental property which in all reality is the same amount as most mortgage payments...propagating dependence seems to be the name of the game now a days...

Auntie Flo said...

Hi Newmania! Been offline because my PC's sick and in hospital, now back on via my daughter's PC and what do you know? Newmania's back.

Colleen said...

Had a curious experience today.

A bloke called David, a researcher for the Times, had rung yesterday and said he was researching my town, Labour marginal Harlow. As I'm a long term resident, could I spare a few mins to tell him something of the town's politics? I thought nothing of it because I've had a few calls like that over the years, so I assume that my name has been put into some pipeline somewhere of people to ring about Harlow.

When we'd almost finished talking, David asked me if I'd be willing to speak to one of the Times' reporters who was coming to the town the following day (today).

OK, said I, I'd love an opportunity to moan about nulab and Brown to the Times. Great , says David, and we agreed the reporter would come today at 10.30 amish. I went to put the phone down, then had a thought...

Who is the reporter?

David Aaronovitch, says he.

Colleen said...

So, today, there's me doing my Gordon Brown and David Miliband impressions and stuff for, a surprisingly good looking, charismatic and persuasive, Aaronovitch and, equally surprisingly, listening to Mr A's profuse apologias for, and bigging up of, nulab and Miliband.

My daughter and my colleagues were chuffed to be interviewed too, as I sat intrigued...was Mr A finishing their sentences for them.

One - floating voter? - colleague said she's from a staunch Labour family from Bermondsey, but got fed up with it (politics) and had voted Conservative, she really liked Maggie Thatcher for her strength, she said, though more recently had voted for Blair, but the colleague now didn't know who she would support at the next election.

So, you're going to wait and see what Labour do over the next two years, said Mr A. Yes, said my colleague. Big grin from Mr A.

Did I fantasise that my colleague looked as though she felt that she couldn't reply to that statement with anything else but "yes"? Maybe, maybe not. A few weeks ago, she had told me that she was now Conservative, however the new Conservative council have since upset her by deciding to adopt fortnightly bin collections.

Tell David A what you told me about how you feel when you fly back to Britain, I said.

I used to look down on the patchwork of fields as we came into land and feel so pleased to come back here, but I don't feel that any longer, she said sadly. The reasons for that were left largely unexplored as the conversation drifted off.

All very insightful...perhaps.

I wish I had my PC with your email addy, n, as I've a lovely pic of Aaronovitch having a giggling fit with my daughter.

Colleen said...

Gawd, I meant to say:

...was Mr A finishing their sentences for them?

Newmania said...

I am most impressed Flo...quite amazed actually , how on earth did they come to pick on you for this honour ?Had someone been listening to you.You are quite a celebrity. Incidentally on brown muck as you may have noticed he is being all holy about having shots with their children. I recall he released stuff about his dead kid to cover some story or other and I remember thinking at the time that it was about as low as I could imagine .

I am going to look it up I kept the clipping in the pile of shame

Colleen said...

Love your new avatar, Newms.

I'm no celeb in any sense of the word. Have just lived in Harlow for a long time and been involved with a quite lot of campaigns here during the past decade. Some of these campaigns were quite unusual ones, because there have been some quite extraordinary things to fight for during nulab's term of office.

Both our local Conservative candidate and Old Labour people have put my name forward for interviews at times, I suppose because, though I support Cameron's Conservatives now, I'm the polar opposite of a Tory. One of a new breed: a liberal Conservative.

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