Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How Quotas Work

One of the things that strikes you about the political scene at the moment is the sheer unimpressive ness of the Labour rabble .I know it sounds like the usual partisan guff but I am serious,for once . Don’t tell anyone but I am really not all that impressed with the latest Hain funding scandal, it looks to me more like cock up than conspiracy, but cock ups are in many ways worse than cupdity. If he can`t run his campaign......

Looking that the forthcoming and exciting Hull ,“primary” for fat man Prezza`s seat, you can see why that should be. The candidates for this lifetime sinecure include ,as reported , Prezzas corrupt son David , Karl Turner , and other weighty players . I had no idea thought that ,of the shortlist of six, that must be chosen by the end of February ,three must be women and one must be from an ethnic minority. All the white males are left with two chairs when the music stops .

This improves the chances of George McNamara , nephew of former Hull North MP Kevin McNamara .He can claim Asian ancestry you see. It makes Della Georgeson a cert. What with the quotas and the incestuous nature Labour its amazing they are not even worse than they are and they are already a pitiful collection.

The Conservative Party have rather different problems .There is the climate of personal sanctity required by the PC mob which scares any personality away . More seriously perhaps ,since the post Major, Nolan clear out , interpretations of outside interest , have become witch hunts. and able people with complex commitments are unwilling to be subjected to the disruption to their personal lives and business. We are left with the smooth professionals and all the remote inadequacy that entails. Just as the Standards board have done locally, we are well on our way to ruling out anyone who actually knows anything about anything.
I think it is dangerous to give so much power no expression in parliament anyway . We cannot return to he 19th century conception of representing “interests” but a children’s play with toy people is no replacement for government either.

PS Della Gergson is currently working as secretary to Prescott in Westminster. File under “How Quotas Work”

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