Sunday, January 20, 2008

Drop The Pilot

We are richer than ever . The supreme leader keeps telling us so doesn’t he ? Why then ,when a burst of hiccups interrupts the feasting, is the mood as it must have been, aboard the engine-less Jumbo on its precipitous descent ? We have woken up, thats why.
We slumbered but now we blink , stretch and say “What the hell did he do ?” . A balanced budget was turned into a proportionally greater deficit than America’s . By increasing tax he slowed growth and so the US, as well as out performing us, also had a faster growth of tax revenue . He held back performance by increasing the state`s share of dividend and thereby reduced incentives to produce wealth. We are the injured wildebeest limping appetisingly on the veldt
Cash has been moved from the productive private sector to the useless public sector . There are 600,000 more of them and a grey army of ostensibly private parasites feeding of the rotting carcass. Our relative competitiveness has declined and we cannot act. With nothing in the Piggy bank but IOU`s and a slow down shedding momentum, tax receipts are plunging so tax cuts are not possible for the left. Neither is Keynesian kick starting .
Brown has presided over a 30% increase ( adjusted) in spending but is doctrinally opposed to choice in health or education . His Casaubonish plans have failed .15 year olds have fallen from 8th to 24th in maths , 7th to 17th in reading . This was a snip at £77billion up from £29billion , up 55 % after inflation has been corrected out . We have not even kept our talents
60% of people say Britain is a worse place to live than it was five years ago. This is largely due to the rise in crime hidden increasingly implausibly by the Police ( 12% say its better). The golden goose , London ,is ceasing to attract the world’s rich ,who no longer have an environment conducive to urban evening walks. Highly paid Policemen fill in forms all day and crime costs have been passed to the public in the form of ferocious security . This has been responsible for improvements except where it cannot help, ie violent street crime , the worst crime.
He has spread dependency encouraging the “Stand alone mother “.Mass worker immigration from the EU fiils the gaps . This single fact has brought to the attention of the British that they do not control their own country engendering hopelessness and disbelief . He cannot take the Wisconsin cure ( a time limit to benefits for the healthy ) because he is addicted to paid for votes and is now so loathed by the private sector working population he needs them like methodone.
Those who backed the new Labour Project have relapsed into maudlin denial. This managerially inclined upper middleclass now look sheepishly at their “inferiors . By their shallow egotistical displays of “social care” they have imperilled the poor more than anyone . They will chirrup their protestations to the last breath. Those about to suffer more than intellectual embarrassment are too tired and dispirited to care but they too bought the lie of “competence” .
There is a dangerous despair abroad which cannot afford .With the right pilot, the right ideas, and some calm determination, we may yet walk away from this , but I am less optimistic than many, about a smooth landing .


lettersfromatory said...

Maybe the PM should have a chat with that co-pilot from BA about how to escape from a serious situation relatively unharmed?

Newmania said...

That was whatI had in mind LFAT

Travis Bickle said...

It's the world economy to blame innit? (if that doesn't work the charismatic Darling is lined up to take the fall)

Now if a Tory chancellor had sold our gold at roughly a third of its current value......

Anonymous said...

Cheer up, n, I was recently at a supper meeting where Ollie Letwin gave an very good account of Cameron and his government waiting in the wings. I'm sure Letwin's right and they we, the people and pollies will all pull together to get our country back on track again once the current wretches are despatched. We did it before, we can do it again. Good grief, look at the state we were in after the war.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Or watch this, 'Gordon Brown, I'm W*nker' on youtbue, this'll cheer you up

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

A supper meeting eh Flo ? You do get about , there anyone else like you ?

I am cheeful

Anonymous said...

The supper meeting was organised by the local Conservatives, n, I didn't get a personal audience :)

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I'm so bl**dy cheerful today. I moved the last of my daughter's massive empire of stuff back in here yesterday, now she's beggered off out partying and I can't move for her stuff - and it was so heavy I've pulled the exhaust off my car on a drain cover as I screeched up into my car port. Kids.

Auntie Flo'

Mark Wadsworth said...

The number of public sector employees actually went up by nearly two million between 1997 and 2005. The International Labour Organisation (a research body, not a trade union!) has a different and more sensible definition that includes doctors, unversity lecturers, people who work for charities deriving bulk of income from the State, quangoes and 'consultants' who are working on e.g. State computer projects.

CityUnslicker said...

brilliant piece N.

I h ave been slaving too hard this past week to look in. But this hits all the right (wrong?) notes.

The country is going to be in a terrible mess by the time of the election and will need at least 5 years to get back toward normality.

The difficult bit will be the labour opposition promising fancies from opposition whilst the tories have to cope with brutal reality.

It will all depend on whether the people have actually learned any lessons from Nulab.

Newmania said...

Thansk MW and CU.....

Mark thats really inetresting and new to me

electro-kevin said...
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