Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Best Possible taste

Pin Up ? Which one , Godfrey or Kate

Hugh Muir`s Diary drew my attention to to Godfrey Bloom the UKIP MEP today . These are some of his thoughts :
1 Complaining that the woman’s committee is always discussing prostitution and rape he commented “None of them are in danger if the first or could earn their living from the second “…..tee (guilty ) hee
2 Defending Patrick mercer , jettisoned by Cameron for inadvisably racial comments , he said “ Colonel Mercer put his cock in the custard” ….its pithy come on …
3 Reflecting in his shy way on the fact that John Sentamu said there was racism in the Church he said “ I would have though the fact he was an Archbishop with a face as black as Newgates knocker would belie that”…well you would wouldn’t you

Coarse he may be but Martin Daubney editor of Loaded may take the palm by featuring Kate McCann in his list of pin ups.” Sensitive one this “ he says “ but there’s nothing more erotic to some than a pained woman in need of some good lovin` and “ Nothing like grief to make a woman really up for it “



Anonymous said...

Martin Daubney might be better employed investigating the rather odd circumstances underlying the witch hunt of Kate McCann by the ugly lynch mob on forums like Anorak.

He might also find it enlightening to examine how the mob (etc?) are whipping themselves up/ being whipped up into a sort of frenzied, medieval trial by ordeal via the internet.

Whatever our views of the McCanns, no sane and reasonable person could surely want anything more than for justice to take its proper course. And whatever the (mighty) weird psychodynamics of what's happening on a couple of, McCann obsessed, internet forums, furthering the interests of justice it is not.

The problem with these forums which are subjecting the McCanns to trial by internet is that, not only does this pre-empt (and perhaps influence) the outcome of the police investigation but, in my opinion, it prejudices any chance the McCanns of a fair trial - if it comes to that.

There's a story behind this which ought to be told, n, but I doubt if you will be up for the telling of it here.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Is Kate McCann being victimised and vilified just as Sally Clarke was, the solicitor freed on Appeal who never recovered from the terrible ordeal of wrongful imprisonment for the murder of two of her babies? I believe so.

There's a another precedent for Kate's vilification too, that of Lindy Chamberlain, the Australian who, around 20 years ago, was released from prison after being cleared of the murder of the baby daughter whom, later evidence suggested, really had been taken by a dingo as she'd claimed.

There are a number of discomforting similarities between these three cases.

All three women have been unjustly accused of being cold and dysfunctional, of being bad mothers who lack/ed maternal instinct and who showed little emotion or grief at the loss of their children. They've all been subjected to witch hunts and damned by so called experts acting outside their field of competence.

Both the McCann and Chamberlain cases (not sure about Clarke's) are notable for massive publicity, press leaks, witnesses ignored and left uninterviewed, allegations of police incompetence and of police hostility towards the parents, of botched forensics, crime scenes not properly secured. Not exactly the conditions under which we expect due process of law to function.

In a recent interview, Lindy Chamberlain drew parallels between her daughter's disappearance and that of Madeleine McCann - and between the treatment she had received and that meted out to Kate.

You try losing your baby then being made a suspect, said Lindy. Try walking into a police station to be interviewed by hostile police with a crowd booing and spitting at you, when all the while you know you are innocent. Might you look scared and even guilty? Might you look less than the picture of maternal grief the crowds and press expect?

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

The Trial of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain
("The Dingo Trial")

A Trial Commentary
by Douglas O. Linder

"The scientist shouldn't become too adventurous, too competitive. The trouble is, we're all so human. I've never seen a case more governed by human frailties."
--Dr. Tony Jones, government pathologist in the Chamberlain trial

On August 17, 1980, at a campsite near Australia's famous Ayer's Rock, a mother's cry came out of the dark: "My God, my God, the dingo's got my baby!"

Soon the people of an entire continent would be choosing sides in a debate over whether the cry heard that night marked an astonishing and rare human fatality caused by Australia's wild dogs or was, rather, in the words of the man who would eventually prosecute her for murder, "a calculated, fanciful lie."

A jury of nine men and three women came to believe the latter story and convicted Lindy Chamberlain for the murder of her ten-week-old daughter, Azaria.

Three years later, while Lindy dealt with daily life in a Darwin prison, police investigating the death of a fallen climber discovered Azaria's matinee jacket near a dingo den, and the Australian public confronted the reality that its justice system had failed.

"A Cry in the Dark," a movie starring Meryl Streep, carried the story of Lindy's wrongful conviction across oceans.

What went wrong? Convictions of the innocent usually result from inaccurate eyewitness testimony (generally the least reliable evidence in a trial because of biases and the tricks of memory), but Lindy Chamberlain was convicted by flawed forensic evidence and by investigators and prosecutors unwilling to reconsider their assumptions in the face of contradictory evidence.

The trial of Lindy Chamberlain, and her husband Michael, is a cautionary tale that everyone who practices forensic science should carefully consider.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Flo, from all I see the Mc Canns are wonderful people whoi have behaved far better than many would have been able to .

I didn` t mean to imply otherwise I was only mentioning it in a silly thing about bad taste ...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't having a go at you or Daubney, n, my rage is aimed at the sick rabble - some of them very educated rabble too - on some of these forums who will not allow justice to take its course.

Auntie Flo'

electro-kevin said...

Loaded - sick rabble.

Kate McCann is beautiful but it is too distressing to witness her torment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is a yummy mummy !

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