Friday, January 18, 2008

Nipples Like Angry Missiles

I watched Louise Bagshawe last night on Question time. Well she was ok , bright , confident a bit smarmy but faintly funny on occasion. Judging by the following quote “Her nipples were still up and full, pointing out at him like angry missiles.” , from A Kept Woman” ...she may be a girl with much more to offer than we have yet seen
( She is the PPC for Corby and an author of dippy tart books ,)
It woz the Sun wot spotted that quote the same paper that introduced us to Sarkozy`s friend Carkla Bruni as " The botty that drove Mick( Jagger) potty ". With this sort of quality it amazes me that the Sun dipped under 3 million in December .It was in 1978 that the Sun overtook the Mirror at which point the latter ceased to express working class views. It now has less than half the sales of the Sun and yet there was Kevin Macguire on with the lovely Bagshawe as a "Working Class" smart Alec. Years ago what he said would have been relevant . With the spread of the Web and the new sophistication of an amorphous lower middleclass the Sun will have to change and I hope it does . The Mirror... can proceed to the dust heap of history

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