Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Read Them and Weep

Since 97 taxes have risen by nearly £10,000 per family in cash terms ( see HM treasury Public Finances databank )Weekly disposable incomes fell in 2005-6 and have grown by an average of only £2.15 a year a staggering achievement .( ONS 05/06) The length of the Yellow tax Handbook has doubled to 9000 pages and the British Chamber of Commerce say the cost of additional labour regulation has topped £50 billion. In 97 we were the 9th lowest taxed in the OECD now we are the 14th./ Stamp duty has quadrupled to over £10 billion( HM Treasury Budget 1998). Over 60,000 occupational pension schemes have been wound up( Hansard6.2.06) Frank Field said "5/6 of final salary schemes that have closed have done so since 2000 . In other words they have closed under our watch“. Britain has dropped from fourth to tenth in the international competitiveness league ( Global Competitiveness report 06/07) and productivity growth slumped from 2.6% per year (92-7)to 22.1% peryear(97-2001)

Meanwhile …
The tax payer is now bankrolling 3259 press officers across Whitehall and its quangos ( Hansard 6.7.06),)In 2005/6 £2.7 billion was lost to benefit fraud and error. Neither has social justice been served The difference between the life expectancy of the richest and poorest is greater than at any time since Queen Victoria( BMJ 30.4.05)The gap between mortality rates between professional and unskilled men is to and half times greater today than in 1930( Tackling health Inequalities Dept of health 11.8.07)

In an unprecedented period of prosperity Labour have failed the nation on a cataclysmic scale . In the past their errors were quickly found but early caution and global conditions have hidden it .With brown in the Indians have got hold of the whiskey and they simply must be rounded up and sent to their teepees before it gest even worse

If I was not hard as nails I would indeed weep hot salty tears ,( but I am)


Travis Bickle said...

I heard on a radio news bulletin (hidden somewhere amongst hours of government advertising) about plans being drawn up for us all to be subject to personal carbon allowances. All coming together now , members of the EUSSR , ID cards, CCTV and controls on where and when we leave our houses. Oh well at least the people of the old Soviet Union will enjoy many of the freedoms we used to enjoy. Fucked up old world it's becoming ain't it?

Newmania said...

plans being drawn up for us all to be subject to personal carbon allowances

I thought that had been in the air for while long time now TB ....so to speak

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