Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nothing To Fear But Beer Itself

Blimey , time to get out the opera hat and cape.Naturally the hostesses of London will miss me dreadfully but I really ought to go and throw some Maundi Money at these socially beknighted waifs and strays...It sounds ghastly I know, but to see their shining faces all glistening with gratitude makes it all worthwhile.Oh and anyone else who wnat to come along is welcome. It is rumoured that the famous anmd fabulous Devil`s Kitchen will be making an appearance

From City Unslickers Blog

"Mr Drew and I are having a few drinks this Thursday. In a wild bid to increase the entertainment we thought it might be nice if the odd visitor from here were to join. We have already couple of trusty loudmouths to make-up for our somewhat dull conversation in the form of Ed, Newmania and Croydonian.

See you HERE from 6.30 - if you email me at then I can give you my mobile so that you will be able to recognise us (as if a group of bloggerati was unrecognisable, don't you watch Doughty Street?)

See you there. Don't expect Mr Drew to buy any drinks...."

Mr. Drew , I should explain is a legend for the tightness with which his fist grasps his wallet. I have heard that a shark`s arse is about the tightest thing in the world but its close.Apparently he never breathes out ! He once dropped 50p and bent down so quickly it hit him on the back of the head.Last year we were going to give some money to charity and Mr. Drew suggested we threw it in the air and whatever god wanted he would catch....and so on ..... and so on


Nick Drew said...

other attractions tomorrow evening:

- the Defenestration of Paul

- Quiz Nite: rearrange the following into a well-known phrase

off; sod

Newmania said...

arf arf and yet more atractions onclude the appearance of Devil`s kitchen

Ed said...

Mr N is getting the first (six) rounds in!

Nick Drew said...


seconds out, ROUND ONE

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