Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feebles Excuses No. 94

I tend to be wary of Liberals who often sound reasonable but turn out to be busy bodying fidgety socialists when you scratch them. However , you have to hand it to Vince Cable who has been laying into the newly christened Mr. Bean with terrific verve and √©lan. I am find increasingly difficult to dislike him when I discover that he shares my guilty obsession with “Strictly Come Dancing” According to Hugh Muir ( Guardian) he skipped a tedious Liberal chat about Party Administration to attend the Christmas edition of strictly . Well you would .
The chance to see a national institution , I mean of course Sir Bruce Forsyth..( well he should be Sir) , enjoy his last gallop. The chance to see the colour and movement , the magnificent live orchestra, with just a suggestion of the Music Hall in the great tradition. The chance to see..........Aleesha............mmmmmmmmm . I would kiss her on a first date , I would you know

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