Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stop Huq From Talking To London

I am absolutely horrified to learn that the vacuous tart complicit in the "Socks scandal";acceptably ethnic , Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq is to be jumping ship to ITV .There she he is to be given her own modish political show called “ London talking “ . The adolescent’s pin-up and admittedly pulchritudinous Miss Huq is about as close the New labour estabclishment as you can get . The Asian lefty interviewed Neil Kinncock at the age of 14 for Newsround, was given special access to interview Tony Blair at 10 Downing street and her older sister, Dr Rupa, was shortlisted as Labour's parliamentary candidate in Bethnal Green and Bow. The Huq family is Labour - through and through!
It shouldn't surprise anyone that she supported a fellow lefty in Red Ken! She recently appeared controversially to publicly endorse Red Ken Livingstone , the scourge of Londoners , at a Press Conference supposedly about keeping fit by cycling . Conservative London Assembly member Brian Coleman said King Ken had tuned the event into a Political rant breaking the impartiality rules . The BBC were obliged to apologise to Brian Coleman and claimed they were re writing Miss Huq`s contract to stop her , presumably , trying brain wash to nations children by burning sticky back plastic capitalists

She will be going head to head with Question time and I can only suggest that this vile creepy little sugar coated New Lab spoon sucker is attacked from the word go.

How can some one who SUPPORTS Ken Livingstone and is a committed Labour activist possibly present a current affairs show now when Ken is under threat by lovely Boris . What are ITV thinking of ? Becoming a laughing stock I suppose.Her sheer jejune ignorance should disqualify her from any such role which takes you back the days of Polly Toynbee as Social Affairs Editor at the BBC.

Liberal Conspiracy! Fight it ,and complain about Huq `s licence to warp young and necessarily foolish minds . London is indeed talking and it is saying “ We do not need suck-up New Labour poster girls foisted on us.”


Anonymous said...

She is a very sexy little (what the sensible Moravians call a) Kozicka (it means juvenile female baby goat) and will make much more money be being persuaded to leave the sad nazi political arena, go to page 3 of the Sun, and remove her clothes.

Newmania said...

She is easy on the eye anon , I have to admit that

tory boys never grow up said...

So what you want is current affairs programmes presented entirely by people who have no political views of their own?

Is it really possible to have intelligent political commentators who do not form their own views?

Personally, I think the problem is when political commentators hide/compensate for their own political views. I have no problem with people like Andrew Neil/John Pilger - I cannot stand either's political views but at least they have some intellectual honesty and make interesting programmes.

As to linking Huq to Livingstone merely because she attends a non political event where Livingstone misbehaves (per your account) really is trying to establish guilt by association.

Philipa said...

Aww her right boobie hangs lower than her left boobie, have you noticed? She's obviously genetically disposed to being a leftie - it's not her fault. Red Ken could be in her genes.

Newmania said...

She is deeply labour and using her contacts for prefferment TB. Yes I bloody do object esecially now in London with her connections to Ken Livingstone .

Fortunately it appears there will be a balancing co presenter. Nick Farrago......can`t we just not have it all I think

Newmania said...

Yes I wouldn`t mind adjusting her poltical outlook P

Newmania said...

Yes I wouldn`t mind adjusting her poltical outlook P

Little Black Sambo said...

"Jejune"? Explain.

Doesn't she offend the Moslem dress code?

Anonymous said...

All Livingstone did was make a very small reference to the tory twats of barnet. Frankly he didn't say half the fucking things that he should have but never mind. As for Konnie Huq she never fucking said anything you moronic little cunt.

Coleman was so fucking outraged by that he contained his anger for an entire month after the event until he leaked it in silly season to get exposure for a complete fucking none story.

Shock horror presenter stands next to mayor who has the ability to speak. Hold the fucking front page. Twat.

As for Coleman Cunt its a nice follow on from when he said that Ted Heath was gay. How the fuck did he know that? Been fisting him had he?

Of course you being a paranoid fuckwit fall for his bullshit. Though that is being kind. In reality your either a malicious cunt or a paranoid fuckwit. Take your pick.

Newmania said...

LBS sorry I didnt spot this

1. without interest or significance; dull; insipid: a jejune novel.
2. juvenile; immature; childish: jejune behavior.
3. lacking knowledge or experience; uninformed: jejune attempts to design a house.

All in all a jolly good word for anon who is under the misprerhension that using(shock) bad language will interest me .

Anon , she went knowingly and she has used her connections to get this next gig where she will spread her ignorant lefty nonsense suckled from her mother and untested except to slack jawed knuckle dragging admirers like yourself. She has shown herslef as identified with the far left of the corrupt London hard left gang and as such should not be on a Political programme of any sort especially aimed at the young.Those listening to her fatuous opining must be warned from whence she comes. As for Ken well naturally he was misuing public money and events to propogandise but then his corruption was not new

Now run along.I have no money for you :)

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