Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We Need To Get A Wide On

I have lost count of the number of times I have read articles saying the real story of the Polls is the decline of the Liberals now down as far as 11%This is not a Party so much as a small gathering of close friends but Consevatives have less to gloat about than they might think and must pursue a rapprochement with true Liberals.There are old grudges to overcome ...

It is, for exmaple , infuriating to see a Party , soi disant , operate as a franchise for any local gripe from immigration to environment .Nonetheless ,swings and roundabouts accounted for , FPTP in which tactical voting thrives ,is still infinitely better than PR . Under PR a Byzantine Political Court Eunuchery would carve up the territory after a non-decision.

Onn the other hand Iain Dale reminded me that the Lib Dems are a coalition of social democrats and Liberals and while there may be some point in the Liberal Party there is absolutely no point in the “SDP” . Those pallid socialists with Muesli gone back to Labour which cleans out a lot of the dishonesty

David Cameron has , as yet , failed to convince reamining Liberals that they can join us in resisting the authoritarian bumblin’ Brown and this asymmetry of defections is a real problem . It gives the lie to the Liberal claim to have been other than socialists thus far .Equally they can hardly claim to stand for Liberality; the canyon of emptiness where purpose should be , defeats attempts to claim any special territory . Even their teeny squeaks about surveillance would not survive the first death notionally attributable to the lack of dawn to dusk snooping.

For all this there are some great ideas emerging for this quixotic pick and mix selection. Their ideas on community housing were echoed in the Conservative Party and represent a thoughtful attempt to solve the great problem of the day . The concept of restitution to the ‘victim of injustice’ under the Law ,is one the Conservative Party would do well to consider.

On this blog and around the right of centre blogashere there have been certain individuals who have irresponsibly and impolitely abused members of the Liberal Party as adolescent onanists who have rushed to their room and slammed the door on reality( ahem...) but the truth is this .

For a Conservative administration to succeed the forces ranged against
Brown must grown by another 11%. In order to do this we must call on the vestigial sense of those UKIP members unimpressed by those seeking makes careers out of a trainer pony in the media . The coalition also has to include real Liberals ( often Euro sceptics by the way) who surely must wince to be bulwarking the most centralising and coercive government we have had since the war under the banner “Liberal”. That is the task. Only a Party which can contain a spectrum from Nigel Farrage to Nick Clegg can take this country back from its abusers and we should stop imagining we can all agree about everything .

Liberals I clutch you to my bosom , I love and I would like us to put our petty differences aside.Let us work together against Jabba The Hut and his Mephistophelean schemes to destroy this beautiful green land and its free people .I `m sorry this will oblige you to abandon your Party but your views will command respect and consideration in the Conservative Party.


Ed said...

I've been meaning to do a post on liberalism v conservativism for a while I'll try and squeeze it out soon for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Liberals I clutch you to my bosom...your views will command respect and consideration in the Conservative Party.

Liberals don't like being clutched to - overcrowded - bosoms, newmania. For Conservatives to win our hearts - and boundless talent and energy for community action and campaigning - they must learn to respect us for the modest eccentric geniuses and very community minded individualists that we are:)

If this Liberal who has joined the Conservatives is big enough to put aside my stereotypes of an army of obnoxious blue rinsed Maggies and moronic majors, then Conservatives like you ought to be able to drop this bearded, sandalled beatniks nonsense.

Anyway, quite honestly, n, when I saw you on Doughty Street last night you loked more of a beatnik type than any Liberal I know.

Auntie Flo'

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