Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Vision On ?

“I `m sorry we can`t return your policies to you "

George Osbourne accused the prime minister of having to wait for the Tories to tell him what his vision for the country was. "Now a week after we put forward our plans the prime minister and the chancellor are scrabbling around in a panic trying to think of something to say."

You`ve seen the copy cat policies on Non Doms and IHT ? This is new and uncharted territory surely? First of all the opinion polls set the date for the election for this rancid and bankrupt government and now they are setting their headline Policy according to the same Polls . Naturally they have slightly changed it but can you imagine the conversations that must have taken place

“Darling How can we pretend we were going to do this ? “
“Darling how can we make it look as if it is not stealing the Conservative’s Policy”
“Darling have you called CCHQ to ask them what my next vision is ?”
“Darling I ....just want to be Prime minister...boo hoo hoo....waaa!”

Something quite sinister is happening here, this is no longer government a system of belief or leadership leadership , its an exercise in mortal limbo . Surely the British people are not as protoplasmicly formless as to accommodate this new low and react with less brains than Pavlov’s yipping canines. ...... Surely ?


Travis Bickle said...

If the BBC tell them that they've just received a tax cut and, ahem, the tax system just got simpler then (unfortunately) many will believe them.

However seems that Council Tax is the next hurdle, with Local Government already making noises about lack of funding increase and likely increases or swingeing cuts in service.

Sadly for Darling George has another two years before he has to divulge how to get out of that one.

hatfield girl said...

If you die under the Conservatives your heirs get all your wealth up to a million pounds tax free. Alles klar?

If you die under Labour then it's all very deliberately confusing but your heirs pay tax after the first £285,000 @ 40% like before, unless you are a surviving spouse (or spouse-substitute officially recognized) when some people who could be your heirs can have it tax free up to £600,000.

If you want to leave your house to your, say, brother or sister, or anyone unimagined by Gordon Brown's regime, then you haven't moved an inch in the death tax stakes.

Perhaps there are lawyers who write wills out there who could help?

Newmania said...

yes but HG when the surviving spouse dies ...surely they don`t tax the heirs of her or his estate ? ...I am being a but thick here I`m sure

Anonymous said...

This is also outrageous discrimination against divorced people like me. We are hard working people who pay our taxes too.

Another reason to detest Broon.

Auntie Flo'

hatfield girl said...

Sorry, N, not being clear - but there is no change in the tax status under Labour, just a bit less tax planning needed. I think. Under the Conservatives there is a huge shift - no death tax for any heirs up to a million pounds.

Newmania said...

I didn`t know you were divorced Flo. I am divorced and re married.I was younger and it only took about ten years to get over so that alright ....Why not form a civil partnershioop with a chum ?

HG yes that point was made on Dale . It appears this is just another Labour sound bite. I really think the Labour Party would be better off being more honest about its intentions surely you cannot maintain credibility with this sort of behaviour and its sown supprt are falling into despair

Newmania said...

Hi TB ...I think you are about right

Nick Drew said...

HG you are right, it was always simple for couples (married) to amalgamate their 2 x threshold

(which doesn't mean everyone pulled off this trick, due to 'ignorance' / indolence / whatever)

this rider aside it is the usual McBroon modus operandi of double-counting what's already there; this trick seems endlessly adaptable

Looks like the real significance will lie in the detail of the CGT changes, more anon

Newmania said...

I am folowing that Nick ....oh yes I did remember to your prediction. Interesting to compare the idea with what happened

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