Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Our Broken Society is "Fixed"

Its all in the breeding y`know ( A Lippizana prances)

The Telegraph does make me laugh. The poor Editor must have huge sympathy with David Cameron trying to free the Conservatives from the grip of gerontocracy but how can he inject youth ? Answer ;they breed them like posh little ponies . All their ‘rays of sunshine’ are out of, and by, some faded celeb writer of pundit . Sam Leith , the Gordon gel and Celia Walden for starters . Celia Walden who does a harmlessly skippable chit chat collation is , of course ,the daughter of former Conservative Party Member of Parliament George Walden.

There is no little irony here .George Walden has railed , this past two years ,against the nepotism and privilege from whence Conservative Leader came . An excerpt of his book “ The New Elites” was trailed in the Daily Mail as “ George Walden turns the flame thrower of on David Cameron” The book, a sometimes perceptive , rantothon ,sets out describe the media /class nexus of the really powerful . Gorgeous , in his estimation, George came through the Grammar school route, now closed in our increasingly classist society. He seems as insecure about his literary learning as the geekiest autodidact.

If I found , “ New Elites “, mixed ,” Time To Emigrate “, his next, is a sour preening hymn to the talent and ,( apparently ), wealth , of George Walden . I recommend you avoid it .I wonder how this acid tongued Thersites spitting hate at privilege and cant, squared his posture, with wangling his dull daughter a job ant the Telegraph ?

A while ago the DT featured a girl who was ordinary but happened to be a good . She wrote about how it might be possible for her to buy a flat if she stayed in for ten years but in reality she’d be enjoying herself when she could . She took you into the world pubs and buses you know. A world that has not been much chronicled by the high stepping Lipizzanas .I have not seen her since. If talent like this continues to be suffocated by the rigor vitae of old degree life will pass out of more institutions than just the Daily Telegraph

Conservatism is not stasis it is renewal .It is a vital matter on every level that access to power is retuned to ordinary people .Our broken society must be fixed , not “fixed” . That includes access to the media .I heard Judie Birchill screeching her customary inchoate consternation in which the was some truth.

“It used to be that they got to be Bankers and Judges and things but at least we could be actors and journalists. Now they want everything and they’re all bloody useless......I would say dyslexic if that wasn’t another lie”

I wonder how Old Etonian Devil`s Kitchen feels about this ?....snicker


Philipa said...

Yeah, they employ some real dross in 'Fleet St' nowadays.

And for those who've made it, count the one's who married someone with 'daughter of' at the top of their CV, there's quite a few of those!

Newmania said...

Indeed there are P

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