Friday, October 12, 2007

Rule One...No Cheating

You might wonder if there was a politician anywhere who looked more pitiful than newly duffed up Judy Brown who was so amazed that Mr. Punch out in a appearance ate HOP.
“That’s the way to do it “. I believe I have found one ....

'A former Mexican presidential candidate who was disqualified from the Berlin marathon for taking a short cut denies cheating. Roberto Madrazo clocked the best time for his age but officials found he had skipped a nine mile section of the course. But Mr Madrazo, 55, says he never claimed to have finished the race and walked to the finishing line after having to stop running. He blamed political opponents for the furore surrounding the incident, which has seen him lampooned in his home country' - Ananova.

Reeeb a reeeba Caaaarnival!!!!


Ed said...

I ran 3.25 miles yesterday.

Newmania said...

Yeah me too ,,...(um)

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