Friday, October 12, 2007

England Expects

Andrew Sheridan

Age: 27 Caps: 17
Measures: 6ft 5ins/19 stone
Nickname: Big Ted

I realise of course, that there are far more important thing than Politics namely the chance that England can come together as a Team and beat France . I predicted as long time ago that France would give the All Blacks scare . They have a mighty pack and class from 1 to 15 .. With England’s perceived strength in the pack as well we can expect a titanic clash of the big men this weekend and Sheridan has to dominate .

Josh Lewsey will be qualified to give the team talk. He has demonstrated a subtle grasp of team dynamics as we see in this discussion of ‘ having a settled side’ in the Sunday Times

“ the absence of a settled society history has shown law and order break down, the social hierarchy constantly changes , organisation disintegrates and eventually the tribe fragments ( This is rugby he`s on about ).In desperate time humans will call ,for desperate measures so the quickest and most natural successor to a time of chaos is usually in the form of one voice – a sole decisions maker with a clear and precise vision for the people to follow ( still on rugby remember...)1790s France and 1920s Russia spring to mind ...( ..and the rugby ?)”
...Yeeeuck. Lets hope he is a little more focussed tomorrow . We have won the adolescent poseurs world cup at least

PS and I am not having a semi naked man without some babe action as well . Football related actually but England supporters at least


Philipa said...

Ohh my goodness, if he's Big Ted can I be Luby Lou??

Anonymous said...

Good choice of pics, your Sun girls, n. I was never a fan of the Sun but am beginning to recognise the Sun's finer points, such as their unfailing patriotism, of late.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

I was looking for rugby babes Flo. none to be found ..Only fair if I`m having naked Sheridan on display I feel.

Very funny Phillipa . He is a incredibly shy actually which is why he has the name . Need a big game from him this W/E

Ed said...

And the football team against Estonia!

The Sun is patriotic because the nation is patriotic.

Newmania said...

God save the Queen!

Philipa said...

sad news on EK's blog.

CityUnslicker said...

those gratuitous pictures hit the mark...Sheridan is a hero!

Newmania said...

He he .... thanks CU ...I think France will win actaully but we have held our heads up and I hope we put up a fight .

Who knows

Anonymous said...

I see the Tottenham Tormentor is having much too much fun on the Compass site.

Newmania said...

Yup I do like to have fun

Stan!! said...

The French are pointless. And deserve every possible defeat.
If France fails to grasp the nettle of Sarkozy's reforms now it will be terminally fucked. Great party while it lasted messieurs, but you haven't cut it in the real world for the past century, despite hand-outs both military and financial, not to mention sops to their pride from the hated Anglos. Who else would have stood back and let that arrogant nobody De Gaulle lead the Liberation as if he'd had a hand in it, while in reality the majority of the French Establishment had been enthusiastic collaborateurs.

The French now have a chance to join the 21st Century but their enthusiasm seems muted. C├ęcilia Sarko...very beddable.

Newmania said...

Nice to see you Stan , I mostly want us to beat them at rugby really but very illuminating all the same

Anonymous said...

The Sun is patriotic because the nation is patriotic. (Ed)

Very true, Ed. I've found that is still very much the case today when I've been out on the streets talking to people and leafleting - trying to rustle up support for a public meeting tomorrow with the aim of organising a:


The meeting, just in case there's anyone reading this from Harlow is:

Tomorrow - Sunday 14th October

At 6.30 PM

Woman's Institute Hall
Garden Terrace
Old Harlow

The idea is for a minimal costs citizens' Referendum, organised by local people for local people. An official referendum would be too costly for Harlow to finance - c £30-50,000? However, local people could hold a Referendum ourselves for next to nothing. All we need are enthusiastic volunteers, ballot boxes placed in church halls around the town and ballot papers.

To get back to your point, Ed, I've campaigned out on the street before yet have never known so many people be so angry about the government's abuse of power over the EU and so many other issues. So many more people told me that they've had enough, they're so sick of it.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Flo in the Tlegraph someone pointed out that there is not one signle voice telling us this will be good for us , they only say its just not different enough

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