Friday, October 19, 2007

Lisbon Made Simple

Over the coming weeks there will be much debate at an arcane and esoteric level about infinitesimally small distinctions of meaning and intent in the new European Constitution. This will make it appear that what happens in Lisbon is beyond the competence of the ordinary man . In fact they will quite deliberately do so. This is 99% the sheet of zee bull. Europe revolves around simple questions and if out representatives were not so deeply in love with deceit they would put the thing to us on a sheet of A 4 . All questions can be reduced to a sheet of A 4 if you leave out the lying embellishment and legal stuff. In life we are quite familiar with this . We make a deal and then give it to a solicitor to turn it into 30 pages of binding contract. The deal ,nonetheless ,is as agreed between principles .

This is the question. Do you , or do you not, wish to be ruled by foreigners ?

The vast majority would say no...not out of spite of xenophobia but because your nation is like an extension of family and requires loyalty and a web of familiarity to function." We" decide between us what "we" will do. Europe does not contain a "we"..or to put it in a more pretentious way A demos .
It is clear that a democracy or real Parliament would be meaningless without the dialogue carried on at instinctive level by our country, and it quite hard enough to retain this balance in such an organic Parliamentary system as ours .( Not that the EU even tries but that’s another point)
Were you to ask Joe Public if he wished to order the lives of Poles or Belgians he would scratch his head and say..“ None of my business”. You see simple

. Its easy to see why nationalism was so feared in the 20th century but that time is past. We can also see why some left wing elements prefer policies of one sort or another imposed on us from outside . I dislike it myself but the quality of the laws are not the point . France is a nice place , they might very well make lovely laws for us …I still , out of sentimental attachment, prefer that they are in no such position. I wish to choose . I certainly do not wish to be ordered around by someone to whom I owe nothing and have no “contract “with. The contract by which regime are exchanged without violence and war in a democracy.

WE entered this arrangement out of weakness in the 70s when the Continent was out-performing us . That is gone . We were not told about the Federal Dream and the surreptitious efforts to make that real , now we know . Europe dominated the world economy and was supposed to be a third block against Pact and the US. That is a distant and tiny little world now . The economic benefits are no longer there , which was the real reason Conservatives initially like the idea and the costs are huge . The Third way , like Norway or Switzerland is clear enough with bilateral arrangements being made with the EU block and freedom to deal with the rest of the world.

People with guilt on their hands act dumb . They say ..“What do you mean ,?Maastricht was more wide ranging change”… to which the majority will say ,“ Yes I am just starting to realise what you have done without consulting me and I want my say , the fact that each step is now small will not defer my say forever so of not now then when ? Well ..when !?”.

The villains are terrified . I read Polly`s rant in the Guardian.. She claims the Federal dream is dead but we know very well it is not from the pronouncements of the rest of Europe . Les Lignes rouges were in place when the referendum was promised in the first place and have not substantially changed . The treaty is a Constitution because the Treaty of Rome is a Constitution . It was impossible for it not to be as it allots competence to national and supranational governments . Amendments therefore are inevitably of Constitutional Character. £5000 per household membership costs, for which we get nothing good I can think of.

. There is , in reality , no defence of this Constitution without a defence of the whole project and that is the can of worms Gordon wishes to remain unopened .Brown does not have the character to break out of this cycle . He will continue to lie until we can quote his won words back at him,

” There is nothing you can say now , that I will ever believe “

No change for me there


Anonymous said...

Do you wnat to be ruled by foreigners?

Here is Harlow Referendites' answer, n.


And do you know what? We aren'tt going to be!

As the following posting for Polly and Gordon on 'Comment Is Free' states: we're fighting back.

Hello Polly, it's me again.

As you know, we in Harlow are so sick to the back teeth of being disenfranchised by anti-democracy elitists like you and Gordon over this Treaty that we've taken matters into our own hands.

Democracy haters all:


And you can do nothing to stop us. Two or three days ago when we began this, we were angry and in despair. Now, with the petitions and votes for a national Referendum rolling into our boxes in their thousands, we've found our fighting spirit and it's so wonderfully empowering.

I arrived home just after 9pm - a 13 hour day thanks to staying late at work designing a Referendum poster and delivering more Referendum forms on my way home - to find a bundle of 456 votes on my kitchen table left by Bobby, a pensioner with a bad back. He'd collected those in just

"I need some more ballot papers, I've run out", said Bobby's note on top of the pile of votes. So I took him some round.

When I asked Bobby how he managed to collect so many (named, signed and addressed) REFERENDUM VOTES in just 2-3 days (unfortunately, this cannot be a secret ballot), Bobby said:

"I've bin out all day, every day, since you gave me the forms...though it's brought me arthritis on a bit..but it's like the war, n'it, we've gotta do our bit for our country."

Gawd, Bobby, I said, please have a rest now, I don't want you killing yourself for this.

"Nah, I'm alright", said Bobby, "I'm collecting in the town centre tomorrow."

" 'Ere, do you know I got chucked out of the Sainsbury's today,", Bobby told me with a look of defiance, "the security man said 'you can't ask people to vote in 'ere without the manager's permission.' I said, WELL GET THE MANAGER THEN!...First time I've ever been chucked out of anywhere in me life."

Bobby is 73, Polly - and you and Gordon should hang your anti-democratic heads in shame because you aren't fit to clean his boots.

I want to tell you about the deaf and almost blind volunteers we have, Polly, about Nev who thinks he's cracked his ribs yet is going to get out of bed to take the Referendum to his bowls club, and Gib who's collecting votes when though he needs sticks - and so many others.

Of course, you won't believe any of this.


Come to Harlow, meet all of us Harlow Referendites and see for yourselves how much we detest your anti-democratic political experiment - and you. Then explain to us why you're betraying us, selling our democracy to the EU and forcing us to fight you for it.

We urge everyone right across our country to do this too, start your own Referendums in your home towns and villages or wards. It' so easy, people are so angry that they practically fight to vote and you'll soon be inundated with volunteers, I promise you.

We're doing it at almost nil expense in Harlow, with a shoe string budget and a war time spirit...and so can you

Please spread the word.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny!

You have come to fight as free men. And free man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?"

"Two thousand against ten?" - the veteran shouted. "No! We will
run - and live!"

"Yes!" Wallace shouted back. "Fight and you may die. Run and you will live at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one cahnce, to come back here as young men and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!"

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Did you do all tnat Flo goodness ...I must have a look at comment is free...What on earth does she make of that.

Arthurian Legend said...

Paul, you're begining to sound like me. Well done. You were slow at first to catch on, but now you're learning fast.

However, a very well informed friend of mine wrote this in relation to Martin Howe QC's article in the Telegraph today:-

"I believe Martin Howe's analysis is too simplistic in at least two respects.

First, he asserts baldly that "a free trade relationship is of mutual benefit to both parties". This is his belief; it is not everyone's. Some European countries traditionally feel threatened by free trade.

Therefore, "free" trade agreements with states or blocs outside the EU contain limitations and exceptions; and free trade within the EU is accepted only because it is at least perceived to be subject to political control through various structures and policies. Yes, even the more protectionist EU member states tolerate relatively open trading relationships with Norway and Switzerland – both small countries, which many European political leaders would like to tempt into the EU. But would they be comfortable about genuinely free trade with a country as large as the UK that was no longer subject to EU laws on, say labour conditions?

Traditionally, adherents of a "third way" relationship argue that the trade deficit between Britain and the rest of the EU would indeed make such a relationship attractive to Britain's partners. But not all member states run such a surplus with Britain, and each single member state would be able to veto negotiations about a new relationship.

Howe's second mistake lies in believing that supporters of closer political union in the EU would see their project as likely to benefit if Britain were no longer part of it. I believe many of them would fear a "domino effect". They would be anxious that other member states would start making demands of their own – at which point the project of political union could start to unravel. Therefore, I believe that some European leaders might block any new UK-EU relationship that looked too favourable for Britain, to deter others.

Overall, Howe analyses the issue in terms of Britain and the rest of the EU. In a negotiation which would be conducted by individual member states – each with its own agenda - and which would require unanimity, his analysis cannot do justice to the problem."

As I replied, we need a new Henry VIII with the balls to make another break with (The Treaty of) Rome...

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