Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Posh Boy ?

So Farewell then Ming otherwise known as ,Nick Drew, have suggested the Liberals go further into gerontocracy by digging up Jeremy Thorpe, but sadly I think Cleggy is the boy. This will be a bit of a problem for our David . I have seen Clegg at a question time recording and he scrubs up well for a Liberal in a dull way.
He brings all the negative baggage Cameron does, he is a posh Westminster media princeling who has wastreled about in European sinecures and self congratulatory CV filling . He is stuck so far up the arse of the establishment only his feet can be seen. That’s his weakness; he’s a yes man and a creep , in fact he is David Milliband .He also has the classic achilles heel of Liberals ,opposing Trident, advocating the smoking ban and suggesting we dump America for the EU. On tax he is confused , he wishes to cut it , but typically for a liberals is unable to make hard choices about where.
A little quick to jump on Mings corpse as well. , if he accentuates his right wing modernising credentials he risks making the Liberals position entirely superfluous. His Liberalising domestic noises are somewhat undermined by his willingness to see democracy sold to Brussels. Not without admirable qualities but lacking definition , he has no discernible over arching philosophy.

Personally ,you might say posh boys are in vogue so why not another . I would say Cameron has succeeded despite the very great disadvantage of his background by his undeniable talent and bravery. If Clegg fails to match him , and he surely will , then he could be just the man to finish of this party for good . He risks appearing entirely ineffectual . On the the hand perhaps we can work with him.

The sayings of Clegg:


Mr Clegg, a moderniser, is one of the small group of economic liberals attempting to get the party to accept a more "credible" policy on tax and spend, as he tells us himself. The party, he says, needs to break some "taboos" on the NHS and make it more responsive to public needs.( Guardian 2005)


If legislation was a guarantee of greater public safety, this country would be the safest nation on earth. Since 1997, the Labour government has passed over 114,000 pages of legislation, and today's Queen's Speech offers us thousands of pages more.

The greatest burden of legislation has issued forth from the Home Office, which has produced a total of 59 bills since 1997. Undeterred by the fact that 10 years in office has led them to create over 3,000 new offences, today we learn that the Home Office is set to go into legislative overdrive once again with five more bills and the chance of another later in the year.......... More than 50 sections of the 2003 Criminal Justice Act haven't been put into effect, and yet John Reid is proposing new legislation to replace it altogether.....This is panic, push-button government at its worst. Labour uses legislation as a proxy for governing, …We also find ourselves with a country less free than before. The innocent will continue to be harassed by illiberal legislation - like identity cards and the DNA database - forced onto the statute book on little more than a ministerial whim.....


The public debate on immigration is changing. In part, this is because of a step change in the number of economic migrants coming to the UK since the mid-1990s, and a sharp increase in those coming from central and eastern Europe following the latest enlargement of the EU…it now consistently features in the top three issues that voters say are of greatest concern to them……The government estimates this number to be up to 600,000 individuals. Do the Conservatives ….That is why the Liberal Democrats will be debating a policy proposal, at our party conference in mid-September, that a route of earned legalisation should be made available to those who have lived here unauthorised for many years.

Our aim must be to refute the medievalism of Al-Qaeda’s perverted world view, while ensuring that members of our mainstream Muslim communities feel that our liberal values of tolerance and diversity are their values too. We must combine critical engagement with the many grievances held among mainstream Muslims, without necessarily accepting them, drawing a clear red line beyond which liberal respect for other views does not exten


always tempting to believe you can have your cake and eat it, remain everyone's friend, playing one off against the other, never needing to make a choice. If only.

The EU and America are not enemies. Doctrinaire anti-Americanism is pointless. Little can be achieved on the global stage without a working partnership between Europe and the US. Nor is the EU perfect. While Blair and Bush may have committed a monumental error of judgment in Iraq, the opposition from Chirac and Schröder smacked of political opportunism. But Europe and America are different, starkly so when Washington is run by a cabal of neoconservative ideologues. Sometimes, a choice between the two is unavoidable. And membership of the EU does imply minimal standards of solidarity with its other members, and commitment to the principles of multilateralism and negotiation upon which the EU is founded.

He has voted for the smoking ban and against Trident


Anonymous said...

Hes not as cute as Cameron...

Philipa said...

N - you've got a weird idea of the definition of bravery. And i hope Cleggy doesn't read your blog: "he’s a yes man and a creep , in fact he is David Milliband" - that's going to hurt! I mean, David Milliband?! Ouch.

BTW: did I invite you and A.Flo over to my blog? Hope you pop by :-)

I had to laugh at the ruling of a judge that a Tory party donor couldn't have been in his right mind when he left them money.

idle said...

After Foggy, the only choice was Cleggy.

Unless they went for Norm Baker, aka Compo.....

Newmania said...

Crikey P I had not finished writing it , that was quick ...I will take a trip you way forthwith

Arf ..nice one Idle...titters were had

Anonymous said...

"The introduction of identity cards will usher in one of the most far-reaching changes in British public life in recent times. ... It will revolutionise the capacity of the state to monitor the movements and behaviour of each and every one of us. It erodes privacy, and in extremis it will curtail freedom".

IN EXTREMIS? Oh, gawd, another managerial geek Lib Dem who lives inside his own head and who's never had a real life or a real job.

They should go for Simon Hughes.

Auntie Flo'

CityUnslicker said...

If it is Huhne then they will go left and it will be great for the Tories.

If it is Clegg then the whole political spectrumi s heading to the right; of which I approve.

Personally I am thinking of joining the party to vote for Sarah teather. If we got about 8 people together we would have enough votes to get her elected.

Newmania said...

I detest Simon Hughes Flo ...actually I think Clegg seems alright , I `m just not quite sure what he is saying that is not also being said better already by a Party that might win power ...the Conservatives .

Why do you like Hughes ...the "Straight choice for Bermondsey". I can never forgive him for what he did to Peter Tatchell ?

Newmania said...

UI will investigate this teather CU ...thanks

Anonymous said...

Why do you like Hughes (Newmania)

Because Hughes will be hugely exposed for the fibber he is one day, n :)

Auntie Flo'


A very funny rococo description. I particularly liked the phrase "media princeling" and the nonce-verb "wastreled".

Newmania said...

roccoco pops are my favourite after frosties

Travis Bickle said...

Hughes would bring the rare gift of making Brown look good on his feet.

Cameron would end up at PMQs as the equivalent of somebody going on holiday who strikes a conversation with the first two people he meets and they turn out to be the village idiots.

Ed said...

I hope this new leader, whoever it might be, can discover what the LDs actually stand for. Is it liberal democracy, Euro-socialism or just being somewhere in between Labour and the Tories?

Newmania said...

Right on TB ...give us Hughes arse.

Ed I have been readignClegg . He`s a Tory who like abortion and Europe basically .Actually he couold pretty much be on the left of the Conserrvtave and I like a ot of what he says


NM: Frosties on Sunday morning, and doesn't really push the issues.

Newmania said...

I think I know what you are saying Sackerson

Mountjoy said...

I am an admirer of cacti, and Mr Clegg has a conviction for burning and destroying hundreds of rare cacti when in Germany.

This should bar him from the Lib Dem leadership. It is despicable.

Newmania said...

Yes spotted that Mountjoy ...and hi !..I must say I assumed it was some sort of mistake

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