Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tory Punks ?.....

I am finding it really hard to blog at the moment because I am having too much fun bating the self obsessed gimps at Compass. They really are a treasure endlessly retooling their K Paxian fantasy in which the malign forces of Capitalism met is a secret room and plotted to use Milton Friedman to attack the workers . Some of it is priceless but a lot of it is the usual slabs of meaningless gunk pasted from “ An American Woman” and a terrific cure for insomnia . As you might imagine I have made all sorts of new playfellows ...see the love letters I quote below. At the moment they are trying to ignore me and I am desperately trying to resist the temptation to false beards off again and again . Here is some of the more zesty spleen I have enjoyed ...

“ the Jewish side of my family; there are wonderful terms of abuse in yiddish.
But I cant find one that does the trick. Its a blend of "schmendrik" and "shlemiel"....” he peeved with me ?

“ I have to scrape the bottom of my shoe so abundant is his offering. We really do need more air freshener in here.”

(If you think there is an unpleasant smell Lee its probably because you have your head stuck up your arse.I trust you enjoyed not reading this !! :)...I remarked)

"I also have a theory that one of the weapons in the Tory arsenal is the creation of the Tory Punk. He doesn’t speak as if he was educated at Eton, he doesn’t even try to affect the fake accent that lower-middle class Thatcher and Major adopted. They are as smelly and degenerate as any other bovver-boys on the streets, and stupid as hell (safety-pin through the brain). But they go out there and spread the Tory mantra, which usually consists of nothing more profound than "Brown Sucks ! Vote Tory !" That allows Cameron to use racism when needed without actually having to do it himself.
We have had some interesting demonstrations of Tory Punk on these pages in the last few weeks. "Standing orders: go and vomit on Compass!"................... I know that Cameron is using something that has existed for some time, and I know that "punk" bridges otherwise unbridgeable class barriers. But I think you get the general sense of what I was trying to say. I will be pleased to accept a more accurate characterisation."

I rather like this idea of Tory Punks which they mean to imply I come form an inferior social class.. thats solidarity for you .I took it up and elaborated on it.

“....and this poltical log jam seems to be breaking up in the Open Europe Campaign which is attracting cross Party support. It is the dream of the right to reconnect with its working class support and in a sense its happening.
"A new dawn has broke , has it not "
You have a problem don`t you . As capitalism delivers more and more wealth the real reason people vote for you starts to disappear. The real reason is not a K Paxian conspiracy theory about international capitalism, but the prospect of voting other people’s money into their pockets. As more and more rise out of poverty despite new Labour’s efforts to keep them there , the argument for this activity gets weaker and weaker. As greater numbers are dragged into wealth creation the reasonableness of removing one mans earnings and giving them to another man recedes. Now instead of the relief of poverty you actually have to argue that the state will do a better job then a the market. To people that on one day may call the council and on another buy a mobile phone this is a tough sell.

The Labour Party are aware of the problem and underlying decline in their support for such reasons . It is also the reasons successive boundary commissions award seats to the Conservative Party ( and the endless Balls Cooper related ruses to delay the process). Perhaps with the national nausea that begins to surface about the European betrayal the “Progressive” left will finally be cut off from its support , a support that knows little of it and cares less.

I see the attack on the BBC the Guardianistas not very secret weapon as part of this and today their decision to back a Green campaign has been received in such terms that it cannot be repeated. As this cultural strangle hold on access to the media wanes the ability to be different Parties to different classes will be come as redundant as the Lib Dem effort to be different Parties in different locations .
This is what is really happening on the interweb and “Tory Punks “ as we are …..Excitingly called( Thanks ) are the thrilling vanguard


Ed said...

I used to love it when T Blair used to drop h's and use a glottle-stop to show how down with the workers he was.

I'm a pre'ey straigh' kinda guy he said.

Newmania said...

Oh yes at the end of jokes that awful mockney horror ...shudder

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