Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mad Hattersley

Is there any more disgusting a human being than Lady Hattersley`s Lover, Roy .As a politician I could out up with him but since his presumed senility kicked in he has maintained a drivelsome stream of breathtaking preposterousness . He pointed out that Brown is quietly quiescent to the left`s demands for increased income redistribution and smugly quotes Crosland as a template for the Scottish socialist( New Statesman)
Clutching himself with revolting flabby glee at the prospect of Brown cutting the Jacob`s from wage earners he can think of only one thing that provides quite such the unmanly wriggling ecstasy..

“ ..the sight of hazel Blears “ Tony`s little ray of sunshine “- wildly applauding her new hero …”

Vomit of the year …gotta be close . There is a serious point here though . By gesturing at conservative shibboleths like immigration ( which also solves his BNP problem) , Brown is getting away with murder ( most foul). No-one has asked what his intentions are on taxes and he has given no undertaking not to increase them .Why not ? Labour wanted detailed and costed manifesto commitments years ahead of an election but Brown is about to grab power without any scrutiny whatsoever of his core political position.

Irwin Selzer, a balanced and at times pro Gordo figure, spelt it out “ Goodbye prudence , hello profligacy, The Chancellor who insisted that every benefit be costed and paid for - our of higher taxes more often than not - has morphed into the PM who has never met a cost benefit he is not prepared to sponsor “For god`s sake Conservative Part sort it out and start asking the big question How much ?


Ed said...

So when are we going to see the Tories doing some Opposition?

We've been waiting ten years...

Hey N enough of this rhetoric, let's see some pics of your new garden.

Newmania said...

Not there yet Ed ... still in London. I think you are right on the oposition . the brown bounce caught them out in what was suposoed to be a developing process of earning the right to be heard

Stan!! said...

If only Hattersley had defected to the SDP circa. 1981, other soft-left members like John Smith and Donald Dewar would have defected too, Benn would have become Deputy Leader, still more of the parliamentary Labour Party would have defected and the Alliance would have become the dominant party of the left. Tony Blair would be an obscure barrister and Gordon would probably be a municipal councillor in Caledonia. And we would now be preparing for our seventh consecutive election victory.

Just when the Government should be on the back foot over any number of issues, we are doing very badly. I say enough of waffling on about green issues.And time to slap the shit out of labour.
Over the next few months, we need to convincingly erase the false notion of Gordon Brown as regime change,when, in fact, he is about nothing other than extending the cloying hand of the state as far as he can. More than that we need to achieve a unity of purpose. That can only be achieved by tacking right a bit.
But you know Brown's more than just a brooding, secretive control freak. The Tories have badly underestiamted him. He's an ambitious political strategist who seeks to move the political centre of gravity to the Left so that, even if Labour loses power, its values will survive and the Conservatives will be crushed. It means persuading the voters to back vast levels of financial support for the public services, welfare and security; it means getting people to agree to pay huge taxes. Think Scandinavia. Or perhaps modern-day Scotland would be a more appropriate analogy.

Newmania said...

I think we only have weeks now Stan and you are quite right Polly has been going on about the paradise that is modern Sweden for a long time now. Unilt recently with the emergence of the ex USR contenders Sweden was the suicide capital of the world .

I `m not suprised 70% tax

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