Sunday, September 30, 2007

Join The Truth Revolution

As an exemplar of every good human quality the unhappy duty of pointing out other’s faults often falls to me. In particular, I never lie . I have tried once or twice but I can’t do it so the lie detctor kit they are using to spot benefits frauds is superfluous pour moi. At poker, my hand is written in neon on my face, ..” ..oo I think I may as well come for the ride ……….hey come on …why did everyone stack…come back..!!?.
Perhaps it is because I am , like Ronald Reagan,Not smart enough to lie" ,that I take special umbrage that the “sheet of a bool” is gaining a sort of weary acceptance in our lives .
. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to miss X factor . I have watched it and part of the “Human interest?”, is the way hopeless fat and ugly people, (salutations my brothers), reach the early auditions only to be told their falsetto Nessum Dorma to the tune of “One green bottle “ might be good for calling the pigs home, but that’s it .The tearful imprecations of mothers, torn from Greek tragedy, usually enlivens the next minute or so, until they depart in a rich fog of chavvy expletives . I had no idea until yesterday that they already been though several auditions off camera, in which the tragic clowns were primed and puffed up with fools self belief .I sometimes think we are right back at the Roman amphitheatre . What next , severely mentally handicapped prodded with sticks and laughed at ? Arseholes .
Casual dishonesty at the BBC has been documented in the great Cookie the cat scandal but Dame Pauline Neville Jones, former spy chief pointed out the propaganda undercurrent to the broadcasts of “New Round “ a programme levelled at the six to twelve age group which might stand for the ocean of mendacity in which we swim. This was how they described 9.11. On their web site ." The way America has got involved in conflicts in regions like the Middle East has made some people very angry including a group called Al Qaeda - who are widely thought to have been behind the attacks “ In a world where 45 % of Muslims world seriously believe 9.11 was concocted by the Jews and Americans we cannot have the BBC purveying the myth that Iraq was US greed and not , as it was, Islamic aggression.
Andrew Marr is a lifelong socialist and progressive ,a close fried of Polly Toynbee and ex editor of the soft porn for the bleeding edge rag The Independent . The Scottish lefty was the ‘natural choice’ for Gordon Brown`s first major interview in which he rivalled Oona King for sycophancy. Oona King is my current favourite member of the order of the Brown nose for this scented love note:
…” watched Gordon brown deliver his pre budget report. He wiped the floor . The Tories hardly bothered to attack. No disrespect to my husband when I say that listening to Gordon at his best is better than sex”( The Eye)...barf!
What a contrast was his mauling of David Cameron this morning. The boy king once more showed quite what a consummate performer he is and he needed to be .Marr sat hunched over notes spitting venomous if clumsy attempts to discredit the Conservative Party. This was typical . He repeatedly barracked Cameron with the questions about the likely growth of runways and roads on his ‘watch’ as if this invalidated the Zacolcyte green agenda . As Marr well knows in the real world to have a moratorium on all transport link expansion is a political impossibility .The Conservatives were brave enough to float it but understandably it sunk in its pure form . They are looking at formulas that tax air travel in a neutral way. This is a great deal more than Brown as Marr knows but he endeavoured to try to suggest that the Green initiative was sort of fraud.
My point is not that it is a perfect policy it is that Marr deliberately set up an opposition that he knows does not exist. Typical eh , the BBCis not perhaps as left as it wass in the 90s but they are still fighting for Labour most days . Cameron was quite superb and a marvellous contrast to the Nixonite obfuscations of slippery Gordon.

I was further heartened to hear William Hague effortlessly tap the ball into the numerous open goals that the gravity defying “New Brown” trope obligingly leaves anyone with more than a three second memory. Much fun was made of his conversion to Thatcher’s .“Yes he’s a conviction politician , and if you don`t like these convictions he has plenty more “ . I liked his account of how Brown stole money from the pension funds and then spent public money trying to prevent the truth of what he had done coming out under FOI.” He makes Maxwell look like an amateur “ the comparison may not be freshly minted but it has a certain quality forgotten by the BBC , Andrew Marr , X factor, Police statistics , immigration figures , benefits cheats everywhere and Gordon Brown

Its true."In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." (Orwell).Welcome to the revolution my fellow truth tellers .

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