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On the way to work I nibble distractedly on a smorgasbord of media offerings upon between tube to train . An attentive listener might notice audible and physical twitches and ticks as I browse. “Oh yeah...!”, “,Ha “ and on occasion “Oh do piss off ! “. On the other side of the internal debate there is the odd ,” Abso-bloody –lutely “ . I hope someone finds me as fascinating as I do because the following are the highlights of the daily harrumph

.There is a magnificent article in the Islington Gazette quoting a certain Paul Newman the “ Deputy Chairman “ of the Conservative Party “ Which am not but never mind . Clearly they know their punters because Paul Newman magisterially summarises the state of play on the Mayoral Candidacy. “ Boris will get more votes than the rest of them put together . Its going to be Boris . Nobody doubts that “ Gosh he does a good interview eh.. The Standard had a front Page last night on the Boris bounce showing a 6 % ;lead over the newt man. Goody goody gum drops especially given the Boy David `s personal investment in this vital contest.


A further local Gazette offering comments on the explosion of property prices that continues in Islington .We were recently obliged to take advantage of this and trade down a tad We sold at £520,000. Council flats in some areas are now selling at up to £475,000 and there is another article about my area , Stroud Green Road , ticking off the up and coming signs ( Shops that sell dried tomatoes, that sort of thing )....
Due to implacable indifference of fate ( redundancy a year or two ago) a new child and only one income I have to leave .Not for the first time however I notice what a mockery it makes of everyone’s efforts when you live in a borough where half of the population are handed homes worth about £500,000 each absolutely gratis .There is little made of the demoralising effect on the middling of seeing their efforts reduced to farce by subsidised housing but I know it is keenly felt amongst others by me .


The Mail leads with the DNA files to be kept on major criminals guilty of such demonic perfidy as dropping litter with predictable Libertarian outrage . I happened to notice in Private Eye yesterday that Lord Levy and Ruth Turner were not swabbed despite their arrests over cash for honours , I suppose the law will have no trouble finding either of them especially Ruth Turner whose future career in an EU feather bed was the price of her silence , courtesy of one T Blair. Just follow the money .

Harrumph !

A point of agreement between the Brown lap dog rag the News Statesman and and the wavering Mail( noticeably cooling on Brown since pinko Dacres latest illness) is always interesting . I laughed out loud at the grave hero worship in the NS editorial ...” To watch the Prime minister frown as president Bush swung his golf buggy round and round frat boy style , restored a sense of pride “ yes my chest swells with emotion at the very thought ..(?) but they do admit to one reality .
A new EU constitution will grant an EU foreign minister strong powers. How would this affect the UK`s ties with the particularly on intelligence sharing. ( Quoting an ‘unsavoury’ source arch neo-con John Bolton as does the Mail)
This is a problem as the EU is an impotent talking shop militarily whereas the US is not . Brown `s body language has been leapt upon by the left with glee and I have to admire the way he acted the part of a distant unsociable night creature , The Stanislavsky System ? On the realities he has continued in Poodle mode though. Brown has quietly allowed the listening station at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire for the US missile system . this has been sneaked under Parliaments radar appropriately enough .


Martin bright continues to diminish his relevance as a commentator by yipping like a cowardly hyena over the minor discomfort this Ali Miraj dragging out all the old faithful . Lord Kalms , the Grammar school debate and of course Saatchi to present David Cameron as a cornered animal lashing out with inchoate rage . This is all to do with the New Statesman’s long term support of Brown and has become increasingly pitiful over the last month . David Cameron can be excused some small frustration with the ridiculous pro Brown coverage of the BBC above all I think. It is the rest of the Party that are not stepping up to the mark.

Oh do piss off!

Stephen Glover in the Mail thinks that its lucky for Les Bleus that Brown is too arrogant to take advantage of a novelty swing and will wait. I am less convinced I think its money and the popularity of the SNP that are staying his hand Glover has one thing right though .The Conservatives will be lucky a chance to show their difficulties are temporary. For god’s sake lets take and stop this egomaniacal quibbling about how to build a sandcastle when the Brown wave is gathering on the horizon.

Abso-bloody-lutely !!


Ed said...

Lord Levy and Ruth Turner were not swabbed

I thought from reading David Copperfield that they swabbed everyone by law.

Newmania said...

Apparently not everyone .

Ed said...

Four legs good, two legs bad no doubt.

Anonymous said...

It's more than money which makes the hand which will sign the memo announcing the the next election gnawed and bloodied, newmania.

Broon is far more addled witht doubt re this than he's letting on.

I don't believe for one moment that Brown will call an election this Autumn - he won't dare - and I fail to see how he could summon the courage or support for a Spring election either.

The support of Brown's left wingers, who initally rallied when he became PM, many of whom may have supported Brown in the polls and may continue to do so - in the polls - is now too fragmented and unreliable.

Too many former labour supporters are bitterly dissapointed with Brown.

Many of Labour's activists will struggle with themselves about whether or not to support him. My guess is that, when push comes to shove, many will find themselves unable to vote at all.

Brown has a huge hill to climb to overcome the following, well justified, resentment.

Thursday 2 August 2007

Gordon Brown told George Bush this week that Britain has a "shared destiny" with the United States" founded on "shared values". Even as Brown spoke, the consequences of those "shared values" in Iraq were spelt out in horrific detail by a report from Oxfam and over 100 other NGOs.
* 43% of Iraqis are in absolute poverty;
* 28% of Iraqi children are malnourished;
* 32% of internally displaced persons who need food rations can't get them;
* 70% of Iraqis don't have adequate water supplies;
* 80% don't have effective sanitation;
* 4 million Iraqis are in dire need of humanitarian assistance
* 11% of new born babies are underweight.

Unemployment in Iraq is running at over 50 per cent. Up to one million Iraqis have been killed over the past four years as a result the illegal US-UK invasion. Four million Iraqis -- one seventh of the population -- have been displaced from their homes, with two million fleeing the country. This is, as journalist Patrick Cockburn writes, "The greatest mass exodus of people ever in the Middle East and dwarfs anything seen in Europe since the Second World War." (SEE

Eight British soldiers were killed in Iraq in July, supposedly in the cause of these same "shared values", but in reality serving no purpose other than to give George Bush political cover for a war which over two thirds of the American people oppose, making Bush the most unpopular president in recent US history.

Any hopes that Gordon Brown would distance himself from Tony Blair's abject subservience to US foreign policy objectives were dashed when Brown confirmed that there was "no plan to withdraw British troops before the Iraqi army is deemed capable of maintaining security", which is doublespeak for "no plans until George Bush says it's ok". Brown displayed his continuity with Blair's war policies despite the government's first official acknowledgement, in a report published recently by the Ministry of Defence, that there is little or no public support for the war in Iraq. (SEE

The people of Iraq want the foreign occupiers out of their country immediately, so they can be free to decide how they want to be governed and to control their own resources, not least the second largest reserves of oil in the world. The views of the Iraq majority were expressed this week by the captain of the Iraqi football team, following its victory in the Asian Cup, "I want America to go out. Today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but out. I wish the American people didn't invade Iraq and hopefully it will be over soon."

The anti-war movement must maintain the pressure on Gordon Brown to make him respond to the values of the vast majority in this country who always opposed the illegal war in Iraq and who want all British troops brought home now. Similarly, it is essential that we continue to build the widest possible opposition to the "shared values" of Gordon Brown's and George Bush, which promise only more war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the escalation of the arms race and intensified threats against Iran.

For Gordon Brown the war in Afghanistan is the front line in the "war on terror" but for the Afghan people of Afghanistan it has brought the same catalogue of horror as detailed above for Iraq. Bush and Brown's "shared values" are now increasing delivered by US and British aerial bombardment, killing hundreds of Afghan civilians. There are now more British troops in Afghanistan than in Iraq -- and they are being killed at a higher rate, four soldiers having died in the last five days of July. Despite being chronically under-reported in the mainstream media, the Afghan war is now opposed by almost 50 per cent of people in Britain, according to the MOD report cited above."

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