Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pretty Vacant

'Channel 4 is to launch a reality TV show in which a group of "self-declared attractive people" live together and compete for a £10,000 prize. Vanity Lair...will begin with 10 contestants moving into a luxury mansion in London. Over 10 weeks, new recruits will arrive and attempt to win their way into the house. The new arrivals who convince the residents they are the most "attractive" will get to stay, kicking out a person already in the house that they feel shouldn't be there' - The Guardian.

That sounds a lot ,like my adolescence ....the scars still twinge from time to time


Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch 'Vanity Blair'.

On Orwellia, a remote island in the Hebrides, a facsimile of the Eastenders set, plagued by surveillance cameras, fines and taxes for all manner of wrongs such as having squandered public money, professional incompetence, lies or spin.

The island, peopled with real people, should be scourged by the sort of real life miseries we great unwashables face every day of our lives.

Yet here, the people rule the politicians. And those politicians must work their butts off to pay the fines and taxes and to obey the meaningless regulations constantly dreamed up by their vindictive public masters.

A weekly ballot for the politician of choice to be sent there for the foreseeable future until all 640 places are filled should do it.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Thats superb Flo are on magnificent form at the moment ....
It might seem a bit odd but twhne i used to read your things on Boris I didnt realise what a wide range you had.

PS I used to go on holiday in the Hebrides when I was a wee lad Barra , Harris , Uist Lewis and Skye I `d like to go back some time

Jenny! said...

I would watch it...I am a reality TV whore bag!

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