Monday, August 13, 2007

Lord Haw Haw Rules The Airwaves

Over the weekend the Redwood - deadwood study was trailed. There are plans endorsed by Boy King David to cut red tape, and in effect offer tax cuts to small business.Allow me to shoot down the usual Labour rebuff, that more small business than ever are starting. Two factors are at work , firstly the vanity companies that IT allow to pop up like mushrooms. More importantly the obstacles to a small to medium company 'employing' have shifted the work force into a consultancy and self employed basis . In other words most of the supposed 600,000 new companies are hobbies or erstwhile employees now cast adrift. There will be plenty of support for deregulation not, however , if it is presented by the BBC as a dangerous lurch to the right as it was over the weekend.

This brings me to the subject of BBC bias which is not necessarily against the Conservative Party. Pro Europeans like Heseltine and Clarke were given great prominence for example on that debate .No,the agenda is centre left Liberal and at times this clashes with the Labour Party as it did over the Iraq war . Generally it is against the Conservative Party though and , not very mysteriously, favours central government provision of amongst other things ...television. Coo ! There was a terrific post on the Dale thread which summed up some of the Piccaso-esque distortions of the BBc mental world

The BBC have moved on ( From panning Redwood )

”They are now leading with the story that 150 protesters have turned up near Heathrow, pitched tents and intend to protest and "hold workshops" all week about Runway 3.If the BNP had turned up at Heathrow to protest about the immigration that comes through Heathrow, would the BBC give them top billing?Instead the BBC have given a heads up - there's a free camp this week to every crusty, swamp dweller in the land. They've even helped by showing a location on a map where the camp is.”

Some of us will recall the utter ignorance that we were kept in about the Countryside alliance march .News of the introduction of AIDS from African immigration was actively suppressed by the BBC . The myth that promiscuous teenagers and condoms were the main focus went unquestioned until massive resources had been wasted . The clearest example is the EU where exhaustive research has been undertaken. The Minotaur study on the pro and anti EU statements and interviews over five years shows a two to one pro EU ratio.It is also ,and perhaps mor importantly ,what they do not say . Where is the investigation into systematic lying on immigration figures, where is the investigation into the exaggerated claims of the environmental lobby? If the BBC had to earn a living it is unlikely these hot topics would be so neglected.
As David Cameron starts to firm up his position we will see how even moderate right opinion must cast its seed into a land poisoned to it by the state broadcasting company. I need hardly say what the 'British' Broadcasting Company thinks of 'English' Nationalism


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of going to the camp thing as I cannot afford a proper holiday... do you think I would enjoy it? I am rather fond of aeroplanes and hope to go in one one day...

Newmania said...

It might be good Mut like Glastonbury which the BBC also overeported ...Heathrow-stock

Jenny! said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Newmania said...

Oo Thanks

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest that there is an important link between the Heathrow protestors who want to cut airport expansion and the Conservative and SME objectors who want to cut red tape. .

Both of these protests are about ordinary people who've had enough of their lives being dictated by clueless nulab apparatchiks and equally clueless and self serving, nulab politicians.

How bloody marvellous it is to see both sets of protestors standing up for the little people against the huge might of big government and giant, blood sucking corporations - and the Conservatives right there behind them, with strong policies on of these issues which I wholeheartedly support. So:

THANK YOU JOHN REDWOOD, DAVID CAMERON AND FELLOW CONSERVATIVES for standing up for SMEs against nulab's grotesque mountain of red tape and over-regulation. Nulab's irrational over-regulation cuts SME productivity and profits by as much as 20% and creates unsustainable stress for SMEs - which amount to over 50% of the UK's economy and which employ almost 60% of UK workers - and for SME owners and staff.

Thank you too, fellow Conservatives, for developing aviation policies designed to protect the taxpayer and our planet's resources. For every taxpayer to be forced to subsidise the profits of billionaire airline owners, airport authorities and the price charged to rich frequent flyers via privileged tax and VAT exemptions which are given to no other industry is sheer bloody madness. For us to be forced to subsidise them to squander our planet's oil resources is not just mad, it's criminal insanity.

I've huge respect and admiration for the Heathrow protestors because I'm one of them. I'm a Stansted expansion protestor and have taken part in many demos and protest marches. Attempted to red spray paint a Stansted expansion spin doctored PR display and was rugby tackled by THREE gorillas, though they didn't stop me spraying their shoes and immediately doing a sit down protest - until they carried outside, still in a, nigh impossible to sustain, sitting position. I'm proud to tell you that I marched to Stansted with a group women and babies in pushchairs led by a samba (drum) band, shouting 'Save our children, no more runways. We brought traffic to a halt all around the airport. It was a brilliant demo that one. So naturally I've had the obligatory paddy wagon rides too, which I found most interesting. Not sampled a black maria yet though.

It's bloody marvellous to see Conservatives and Heathrow protestors standing up for the little people against huge, overmighty, bloodsucking government and corporations. Go Redwood, go Cameron, go Heathrow protestors! Up and at 'em

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you about the BBC's refusal to cover Conservative policy announcements such as this one by Redwood, n. What disgraceful bias from a publicly funded corporation. However I'm not sure that this is down to their liberalism. I think it's more down to their rampant sucking up to nulab.

The BBC, if it was truly liberal, would be giving prominent cover to BOTH of these protests. My guess is that the Beeb are giving prominence to this protest largely in a bid for ratings to strengthen their position with nulab.

It was very noticeable that BBC's Have Your Say forum on the Heathrow protest did its usual inital strategic cherry pick in order to ensure that those postings published first and left to gather votes on page one of the comments section for some time were overwhelmingly those opposed to this protest.

Only later were the many postings in support of this protest allowed to appear and collect their - by then, inevitably lesser number of - votes, thanks to the Beeb.

Anonymous said...

Woops, sorry, forgot to add my blog name again.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

I`ll have to take a little time to digest all that Flo and the other comments but I will . I need another read..I must say i am somewhat swayed by your advocacy

Steven_L said...

Well I've had my tuppence-worth on this arguing over at my plcae that Tories should look at the liberal lefty nature of it's councillors and grass-roots if they want to help sell Redwoods libertarian policies.

Newmania said...

I thohght your blog was dewdad Stevn , sorry I will add it on to my roll . I used to keep looking and you were not there.

I have also been wondering about the right way to package such measures

true blue said...

If the weather reports are correct they all may be washed away in the "Great Inundation". No doubt that lot will have a few Arks ready to "float off" back too the Biblical times they so like to emulate.

Newmania darling: Even tho` Hitch has risen from the dead, Again, I`m sure I can speak for many of your other devoted followers, that, you too, are well revered and loved in the Blogosphere, so don`t let the "Green Eyed Monster" get the better of you xx

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