Monday, August 20, 2007

Ken Smears But Who Pays ?

How much of our money is Ken Livingstone spending on smearing Boris ? The Standard this eve carries the shocking news that Boris has been talking to Sheriff Lee Baca.Sheriff Baca is the"elected " Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California.(He was re-elected to a third term in 2006).Naturally the man who fights crime in LA could not possibly have anything to tell us about the ethnically diverse City of London where knifings and shootings are escalating out of control…oh no ..According to the Livingstone droogs the only thing that matters is some Hallo Magazine thing about Paris Hilton which shows that Boris is obsessed with celebrity.Pitiful.
I `ll tell you the things that interest B Johnson about this man . His experience and that magic word “ Elected”. Lee Baca is directly accountable to the people he serves and has to produce results . Boz is rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck into the problems that Londoners really care about and if anyone thinks the Met would not benefit by that sort of accountability they have not been watching the show. Whats more Boris is using ...his own money.
Still I love this ” By his friends shall ye know him “ motif . Livingstone by contrast admires Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Castro runs a regime that rejects democracy, jails political opponents and reporters. Chavez tells public workers to support him or leave the country, sanctions beatings . Ken is planning a massive festival across London, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Castro revoltion in Cuba costing us an expected £2million!! That when he isn`t chatting to the IRA, abusing the Jews ,apologising for Islamic extremism or insulting America .
Or does Ken object to foreign travel ? Hardly. . The cost of foreign travel by the Mayor’s Office was £36,490 in 2004-05. This rose to £103,130 in 2005-06. However for the year up to December 2006 it had soared to £229,942.
Or is it as his office claim typically ..clumsy? As clumsy as comparing the American Ambassador to a 'chiselling little crook' for refusing to pay the congestion charge
Who would Ken like the prospective Mayor to be visiting then ( on our money) ? How about China ? .The known expenditure for the trip to China is over £400,000. “"One thing that Chairman Mao did was to end the appalling foot binding of women," he announced. "That alone justifies the Mao Tse-tung era." Half of Mao's tens of millions of victims were also women of course their feet didn`t hurt at least
Its not as if he has ever been very clear about what he can or cannot spend our money or indeed very careful at counting it .For example spending public money on a publicity campaign attacking nuclear power in tandem with the less than open-minded Greens ."Under the headline '£70 billion - Nuclear Waste?' the Mayor invited Londoners to participate in a debate . Or the 2012 Memorandum of understanding potentially leaving Londoners with an unlimited liability to pay for any overspend on delivering the Olympics in 2012. Thanks for that ! Remrember in June 2000, the GLA precept for a Band D property was £122.98 yet by April 2006 this has increased a staggering 134.6% to £288.61 with little to no visible increase in the level of service . Transport for London in 2005/06 spent £78 million of Londoners money on advertising what is effectively a public transport monopoly. A little spent smearing Boris hardly registers does it ...
The Londoner newspaper contains pro-Ken publicity alongside practical information about life in the capital. The Mayor's freesheet The Londoner cost £2,857,488 in 2006/7. Also this budget is net cost not gross cost. Every issue carries 4 pages of full page display ads from bodies in the GLA family. They have no choice about these ads and it means that the Londoner costs more like £4-5 million. £227,375 of this was paid to the PR agency Freud Communications. This it seems included organising a Girls Aloud concert in Shanghai
I ask again . Just how much of our money is Ken spending on smearing Boris ?Just how scared is he to be coming up with this sort if infantile twittering, when Boris is looking for fresh ideas on crime .
As they eyeball eachother over a dusty Mexican village it is increasingly clear that what we have is the Good ( Boris) and the 'Bad and Ugly' in one Ken Livingstone


Stan! said...

Ken's smear tactics smack of total desperation. Boris is a known quantity and people have a reasonable idea of his politics and character. I doubt that there will be much shift in any voting preference from now until the election. The key factor in the mayoral election is the distribution of second preference votes. Ken will attract bloc support from the Respect types and Greens. The great unknown is will Lib Dems switch to our side or go with Ken? The Ukip and BNP second vote should go our way. At this point, we ought to welcome votes from wherever they come...

Newmania said...

How can a Liberal possibly vote for Ken ? Sadly the London Liberal is usually a socialist really .

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, newmnia! You've nailed the public money sqaundering hypocrite.

Though I don't have the knowledge of London's political composition that you do, I instintively blanch at "Sadly the London Liberal is usually a socialist really."

There have always been two kinds of liberals, remember, just as there are old style Liberals and Lib Dems. Right of centre liberals fight for real democracy and civil liberties while liberals on the left would effectively abolish these for an elitist one party state run by them.

I'm a liberal but not a socialist and I would never vote for an unaccountable, squandering, minor despot like Ken.

Is London really devoid of other centre right liberals like me?

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

stan! said:

I doubt that there will be much shift in any voting preference from now until the election.

In my experience, an energetic campaign by a respected candidate fighting for real accountablity can increase overall turnout by over 20%. In particular one perceived to be the antithesis of the rotten politician stereotype. This is where Boris will score in getting the vote out. People who haven't voted for decades will vote for him.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Don`t know really Flo Islington pretty much is different shades of red

Newmania said...

I think they may at least have shot odff their best weapons too early , the suggestion of racism , however incorrect is dynamite and it has left plenty of time to explain..they wanted to stymie the candidacy

Travis Bickle said...

For all his many faults you have to admire the sheer bravado of any politician who would do a deal with the likes of Chavez to offer the bribe of subsidised travel for those on income support. And who said Labour politicians (even those wearing the badge through convenience) lacked conviction?

Newmania said...

TB you are right there and Londoners know it . Ken does not lack cojones. Nor did Stalin , nor did |Jack the Ripper.....

I `d rather not

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