Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hi Hooooooooooo..

A Dwarf performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was taken to hospital after he glued his private parts to a vacuum cleaner. Daniel Blackner 42 said during the show. The Circus of Horrors – he pulls a vacuum cleaner across the floor attached to his penis . The incident happened after he had used glue to fix the nozzle in place . Nurses at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary struggled for an hour to free him” It was the most embarrassing moment of my life “ he said ...and this from a man who drags vacuum cleaners across a stage with his penis !


Lilith said...

You're brilliant Newmania. If you want me I'll be in a field...toodle pip!

The Hitch said...

its sounds tome like a good excuse to get some nurses to play with your dick for an hour

Newmania said...

Do you need an excuse?

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