Friday, August 03, 2007

Ken Livingstone Is Right !

Ken Livingstone has said Boris Johnson would be a "formidable" opponent in the mayoral race.But the current mayor, who will stand for a third term next year, has voiced concerns about the contest turning into "Celebrity Big Mayor".He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he thought the media's approach to the mayoral race was to look for characters with "good one liners".He said Mr Johnson was a "charming rogue" but he wanted to concentrate on policies rather than celebrity."My job in the next eight months or so is to focus on what Boris actually believes in," he said.Mr Johnson, one of the best known MPs, is the favourite of four Tories on the party shortlist for mayoral candidates.

Poor poor Ken little diddums is worried about it becoming a celebrity show down is he . This is the man who has wasted untold millions selling Londoners Ken Livingstone with their own money and who makes a very nice living with his whining punditry off the back of his endless self advertisement .
Lets be generous though this is the fist time he has ever said anything I have agreed with . Boris is indeed a formidable intellect and communicator with a wealth of useful experience. He will make a fine Mayor .


istanbultory said...

Yep, Boris has got what it takes. He's got star appeal and name recognition. The second preference votes and a highly mobilised Conservative grassroots will deliver victory. And Ken can go back to doing restaurant reviews for the Evening Standard.

Newmania said...

happy happy thought IT there usa very good article in the Speccie tonight by Marthew Parris about what Boris has to do and what he must avoid .
Really it says he will have to ensure that people take him seriously .

Anonymous said...

think Boris just needs to balance his wonderful charismatic humour with a more populist approach to publicising his talents.
Many of us would hate to see him become serious Boris, indeed, I think Boris's humour and rapport with us ordinary bods is a vital prerequisite of developing a more populist appreciation of the serious side of Boris and of how bloody clever and capable he is.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

It is a difficult balance though Flo , we have seen the wasy brown is able to make Cameron seem insubstantial by sheer grinding boringness. Its only image but it does have to be got right

The Hitch said...

The newt botherer knows he's up shit creek doesnt he?
Does Brown hate ?
If so thats pissed on his chances of a nice juicey quango job when Boris kicks the fucker out of office.
Boris has amaasive brain and he understands the value of history.
All hail king Boris.

Newmania said...

Good for you Hitch

The Hitch said...

the chap needs to be leading the Conservative pary , no doubt that he will be after a stint as mayor.
When he does I may (i say MAY) come back into the fold.
I see Boris as a young Winston far more to him than Hague.
Cameron ,dont make me laugh.

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