Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crime of the day

A robber who held up a (British) betting shop with his girlfriend's sex toy was jailed for five years on Monday. Nicki Jex, 27, concealed his partner's "Rampant Rabbit" vibrator in a plastic bag during the raid on a Ladbrokes shop in Leicester, east central England, on December 27 last year. The city's crown court was told that he pointed the sex aid at a cashier and forced her to hand over more than 600 pounds in cash' - Newswire.


The Hitch said...

Call me old fashioned but if somebody pointed one of those at me I would hand over the cash, frankly id rather face a shotgun.

Travis Bickle said...

£600? didn't she know she could have bought one at her local Ann Summers or on the internet for about £14.99 (allegedly)

Newmania said...


Are you wearing "the outfit" TB

Anonymous said...

What an outrageous con - rather like the one BBC news online are trying to pull on Boz under a Liverpool v Manchester rivarlry pretext. As usual though the Beeb have cocked it up and its backfiring publicity shots for Boris.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Vote Manchester! Cos they're Boz fans

Auntie Flo

Anonymous said...

From the Liverpool site

The following appeared in Private Eye No 1118

Beyond The Whinge
Boris Johnson shouldn't apologise to Liverpool

...if everyone who offends Liverpool had to go on a penitential pilgrimage, half of Fleet Street would be on the next train to Lime Street. Including, er, Euan Ferguson - who on 20 October 2002 wrote this attack on John Lennon: "It could be argued that it was his narcissistic emoting, never shot through with the tiniest ray of intellectual rigour, which began the Liverpudlianisation of Britain and turned us into a country that fills its gutters with tears for girls we've never met." ....

That resonant coinage "Liverpudlianisation" had first appeared, again in the Observer, on 5 October 1997 when Jonathan Meades argued that Tony Blair's religiosity "accords perfectly with the Liverpudlianisation of Britain... no-holds-barred self-pity dressed as grief, self-congratulatory sentimentalism, an affirmation of itself through the appropriation of cosmetic Celtism".

Grauniad's own articles on Liverpool, such as this from 24 May 1993: "The royal family has taken its whacks with a certain decent cheerfulness, something which compares interestingly with the intimidatory self-pity issuing from Liverpool if anyone suggests that idle, violent city is, well, an idle, violent city

Grauniad's Charlotte Raven on 26 June 2001? "Scousers' propensity to linger over every misfortune until another comes to replace it makes them uniquely suited to the demands of the Bulger mourning marathon," she wrote. "While other cities might have faltered and found something else to distract them, Liverpool's talent for nursing resentments ensured that it would feel, eight years on, just as enraged about Bulger's murder as it was the first moment it heard." Liverpudlians, she added, refuse to let anything go" as long as there's still a drop of righteous indignation to be squeezed".

Anonymous said...

I bet the following comment doesn't get published on BBC Have Your Say:

Topic: Should companies stop using cartoons to sell food? Are you a parent? Have you been a victim of "pester power"?

I've been a victim of the BBC's pester power. Does that count?

How? Because the BBC is also guilty of using underhand tactics to support politicians and policies you favour and to attack those you don't.

A prime example of that is your use of negatively slanted pictures of Boris Johnson in your article about Liverpool-Manc rivalry.

But in the end, who cares? I'm backing Boris!

Newmania said...

You swerved violently back top the point so to speak didn1t you Flo . Good as you may notice i post some thing si try to think anout and some gags to fill the space ..I `d rather people looked at the things I made an effort on

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Ban the use of all sex toys used in the commission of a crime, and require users to register all vibrators over .22 calibre

The perp was drugged out of his mind and it is not clear if he realised he was attempting a robbery armed with a dildo.

Personally, if you wave a pair of crotchless panties at me, I will aquiesce and give you what you want.

Jenny! said...

Ha! Fantastic...the thing is pretty powerful, I am sure if he allowed her ot use it, she would have handed over the money as payment!

Newmania said...

WW very good nice of yo to pop in !!! I do solme pllticak stuff sometimes honest

Anonymous said...

I can usually work out the responses you post when you're busy at work as they're much like the ones I post in the same situation - but this one has me puzzled.

Anyway, surprise, surprise, the Beeb did publish my comment about Boris.

Newmania said...

Is that Flo ?

Lucy said...

Wow! That takes balls! Uh... I mean, penis? .. Well, dildo.. yeah, that takes dildoes to do that!

Newmania said...

Lucy ...allo . I wonder who you are

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