Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gollum Brown Saved From Drowning by BBC

New Statesman have an arresting front page this morning “ Game Over” , featuring Gordon Hagiographer in chief Martin Bright .The overall tone is of blinking disbelief that it is all going so well. It gives to you some idea of badly the BBC wants to avoid a Conservative Government that even the New Statesman is bemused at what an easy time he is getting about the floods and elsewhere . They focus on coverage of the floods and breath a loud sigh of relief that the mainstream media especially the BBC appear not to have noticed the poor performance prior to and during the disaster.

1“ Browns instinct for reflection meant that he did not react as quickly as he ought to have done when the rains first hit the North of England . When the second wave hit the South he got a chance to show he could act decisively “ Bright

2 “ He has not been blamed for the floods despite cuts in flood defences that could have been laid at his door” Bright

3 “One can imagine the opprobrium that would have been heaped on Tony Blair had the flood occurred on his watch “ Editorial

4 The short terms need to prepare has been exposed as flawed. Spending on defences has been cut while warnings has not been heeded. The most egregious failure was not to act on the foresight flooding repost commissioned for ministers in 2004.( Editorial)

5“However the conclusions of an Independent review on the floods could yet damage Brown the report predicted a 20 fold increase in the likely hood of flooding..“ Bright

...well I warned months ago that we could expect independent reviews agreeing with Brown thick and fast and I doubt this will be any different . On the other hand the left knows they have got away with this . Why is the BBC ignoring this important story and focussing on the froth of the Rwanda trip which was obviously a tricky position and has nothing to do with the actual issue in hand . I have already pointed to the warnings of the All Party Committee that blamed the administrative delays of the reorganisation for projects being behind . In fact only 57% of the countries flood defences are in good working order.

Most importantly when Cameon went to Witney to see his Constituents who were already suffering , prior to his Rwanda trip, the BBC refused to cover it . Tara Hamilton Miller reveals that Cameron personally called the BBC to complain knowing how vital shots of him knee deep in Oxfordshire water were .
I am furious with the BBC but oddly happy to discover that I am not , as I had assumed, a Daily Mail Reader. Their supprt for Gollum Brown has estranged me forever.


Ed said...

DC is stuck between a rock and a hard place though. His whole "nice" image strategy was to woo the BBC and others to report him a bit more fairly. That seems to have failed in the short term so now the lefty media will try and get his party to topple him so that they can go back to portraying the party as "nasty".

DC would do well to try and appeal direct to the voters if possible - perhaps by telling them what the real difference between localism and Brownism is - a la Raedwald.

Newmania said...

I do feel for him Ed . brown is getting away with murder . Now He ..yes he that has oput it off for seven years , isnproposing a boredr force

Prodicus said...

They are over-egging it a bit, though.

Ed said...

Yes the border force thing is laughable - only a few weeks ago they were saying it was unworkable.

The Hitch said...

You know , if I were up to my knees in raw sewage right now , I really wouldnt want to see Cameron, Brown yes!
I would drag him under the water with me away from his protection officers (the big girl)and drown him.Probably why the big scottish poof hovered over the floods in a helicopter paid for by the very folk having their lives washed away.
Give cameron his due, like prince charles he got his feet wet.

James said...

If the BBC is so biased to left, why did it hang Blair out to dry so often? The Andrew Gilligan affair didn't seem like a love in with Labour.

true blue said...

Hitch; We are in accord Voila !

Newmania said...

If the BBC is so biased to left, why did it hang Blair out to dry so often? The Andrew Gilligan affair didn't seem like a love in with Labour

Because its agenda is anti war and anti nationalist .Thus when Blair was acting on defence it was instinctively against him. Otherwise it supported him. Additionally there as no imminent possibility of a Conservative Government.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Cameron sort of jump head first into the hard place he's now in and bang himself on the head with the rock? He'll learn.

Like the Queen - God Bless her - who's recovered her huge popularity by recognising that even the monarch must bow to the will of the people at times. Where the people need him he must be.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

I wish you had a pics submission facility, newmania, I could send you a beautifully researched flood documentary which I believe lifts the lid on some of Mr Broon and nulab's lies about these floods.

F'rinstance. Why is there a gaping incongruity between the extent and location of the flood plain shown on Defra's flood plain/flood risk map of Harlow and the flood plain shown on Harlow's local plan?

What's happened to a massive chunk of - Conservative voting - old Harlow's flood plain? Who's nicked it off the map? Of course this is not in any sense linked to the day Prescott's stood in a hospitality tent on one of these new estates and, gazing misty eyed into the middle distance, said:

"This 'as the WOW factor! Now I 'ave a vision!"

Wow was not exactly my response, Prescott, when a wall of water from that bloody estate came gushing up my car port towards my front door, I can tell you.

Why would nulab be stupid enough to take such huge risks with our flood plains?

We know that nulab are punishing Conservative voting areas by dumping massive development on them. We know that this runaway development across England provides some nice tax bunce for Broon which can be transferred to nulab voting communities elsewhere. We know too that this development is part of nulab's bigger plan of demographically gerrymandering themselves into eternal control of a one party, EU, state in UK.

But do you not instinctively feel there's some other compelling factor at the bottom of this bloody minded drive of theirs to increase the risk of flooding by building on flood plains? It's as though they have no choice. Yet we know they do. Or maybe they don't. Perhaps that depends on what the true agenda behind this is and what the developent sites are worth to nulab?

My guess is that this factor's Money. And not dribs and drabs of taxes, either, nice, big lump sums.

Newmania said...

There is a compelling factor Flo 1,000,000 of the new homes will be filed with immigrants and a large proportion will be socuila housing .

IE labour voters . this is how they are going to crack the will of the South and bring the whole country under their yoke

Tuscan Tony said...

Grdie has also proposed reducing the voting age to 16, thereby garnering himself another few hundred thousand votes. Suprised he didn't reduce the voting age to the same as criminal responsibility and be done with it.

"Dave" does worry me a bit, I do hope he's playing a deeper game than I can comprehend, which in itself should not be difficult.

Newmania said...

Grdie has also proposed reducing the voting age to 16, thereby garnering himself another few hundred thousand votes.

yes I spotted that TT and with" Constitutional reform " coming up we can be certian it will favour Brown .This is a dangerous time for the country there is the danger of it entirely ceasing to be reciognisable for what it is.

Even in the Pub they are watching you.

Anonymous said...

Newmania said...

There is a compelling factor Flo 1,000,000 of the new homes will be filed with...labour voters . this is how they are going to crack the will of the South

I agree - that's what I was clumsily suggesting by demographic jerrymandering. However, that's maybe a bit of a jam tomorrow factor?

For jam today, aside from tax bunce, is there other big money for Broon in them there flood plains?

At a flood conference I attended here, a member of the public who I think was a retired developer made the interesting and little known point that the government was paid £28 million for a piece of land on a large development site above our flood plain.

If this man was correct, why didn't a local councillor present at the conference know anthing this money? And, if this sum did change hands, have similar large sums changed hands for other developments on or near flood plains?


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