Thursday, July 26, 2007

BBC Bias - Immigrants and Aids

Anthony Browne recorded an interview for the BBC`s today programme in 2002 that did not get aired although it was due to be. Here is why it was cut
It concerned the sensitive issue of the exponential rise of HIV in Britain since Labour was elected in 1997 . This might seem a but much to be blaming on the Labour Party but in a sense it is their fault . Figures from the Government’s Public health Laboratory Services in 2006 were showing a 25% rise in one year with almost all the increase being among heterosexuals. The government and the media with the BBC to the fore had been warning for years about the danger of complacency among hetero sexual ever since the number of cases contracted swept past the number of homosexual cases and we can see that this fits the “progressive” soi disant BBC agenda well in any case. The government minister was responding on the Today programme with a new sexual awareness campaign for teenagers, a little like Gollum Brown`s hearts and minds millions squandered on the Muslims. Safe sex that sort of thing you probably remember it.

The truth is that the increase had nothing to do with this group and was almost entirely driven by immigrants chiefly African coming here already infected and testing positive once here . the BBC pulled this piece knowing full well that the evidence was irrefutable and in any case the truth could hardly be hidden for long . The Guardian and the BBC continued to run material attacking the position and even now there is a dimly remembered doubt . There is no doubt. The facts are there to be seen and the resources which could have helped have gurgled down the plug hole .
That is the BBC for you and the interesting fact here is the way they lied and lined up with the Guardian to defend their position. They knew they were lying but the attitude deep down is “pssssssst ..these people are too stupid to know the truth .... Nanny Beeb knows best”

PS yes I do blame the Labour Party . Immigration is at four times the rate now it was in the 90s ( when it was high) and it was the wider left constituency that were unable to face one unpleasant consequence of that


Jenny! said...

I have picked up from a few blogs that immigration is a this legal or illegal immigration? And if its illegal, then is the a proposal for amnesty being made?

Newmania said...

Well legal ois the main proble, amd there are supposed to be about 500000 unknowns as well which , iot has been suggested , should be given an amnesty.

I am against that

1 It tells more to come
2 It tells the government they can get way with it ..
Double bad

Jenny! said...

I agree 100% wiht you on the amnesty thing being a terrible idea...we have a bit of that going on in the US too!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on the amnesty. It's outrageous. Brown may just as well stuff a wad in the pockets of imprisoned criminals as a reward for their crimes and and set them all free. Hell's bell's, that's what they are doing.

Newmania said...

Yes I wonder what laws I will break today ...I mean with it being optional and all..

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