Friday, April 20, 2007

It Could Get Messy ....

Many moons ago I was hugely honoured to meet top Blogger , arch agenda setter and Dale courtier, ‘Dizzy’, of Dizzy Thinks . At the time I suggested that swapping scandals was playing into the hands of the lobotomised left who like to imply equivalence in political argument by playing detail ping pong . I fear I may have been ever so slightly wrong . Martin Bright once a journalist of note but now a bought and paid for Brown puppet is looking at it from the other end of the gun this morning and it is instructive to see things from the perspective of the eternally damned

He looks back with nostalgia to the Pravda style lie operation that the Labour Party ran in the late 1990s when you couldn’t move for Tory sleaze stories in the Press .He sulkily implies that the Labour Peerage sell off is a slick subterfuge paid for by covertly by “ Big Business” and lists a dripping wet list frankly pitiful smears against David Cameron to add some tat to the tit . The deathly horror that Boy David has lunches with Large Contributors to the Party is typical of sort of thing . My god I hope that’s the best they can come up with !
It may not be. It had not occurred to me that with the small matter of the Police lurking around No. 10 the old Lie Masters cannot operate . They still live on like Smiley`s oppo Karla. Now old embittered and vicious but hamstrung by the continued presence of the Blair . A source close to Brown says
“ It is pretty clear that the present regime hasn’t been able to go on the attack … Hands have been tied…”Mr. Bright , who as a grovelling hireling of Broon would know , says the moment Blair is out the gloves are off . Both Parties will have teams devoted to slinging mud so we are in for a Bloody Summer of dirty fighting

It may just be my perspective but it seem to me that the Conservative Party’s output is far less effective than the spontaneously self igniting Guidot Dizzy Croydonian and the like who have credibility both as independent commentators and from personal integrity. I hope they will continue to do what they do in their different ways . Bright fumes that the right have been allowed to set the agenda on Sleaze in words that echo Dizzy`s justification for this battle .So I may as well accept that the Diz-meister was sort of right.

Chalres ( Chaz ) Moore in his diary makes a passing reference to Cash for peerages that chimes with my worry about the whole thing though

This column has refused to be shocked by the cash for peerages affair on the grounds that a possible relationship between title and party donations is far more trivial form of corruption than say building hospitals only in constituencies held by the governing Party “.
Indeed .Or giving houses away to benefit addicts for votes say but now we are getting back to Policy and personally I would still prefer to stay there.

Sadly there is no choice we have been put on alert that a blizzard of half truths and outright lies are being cooked up even now . It reminds me of the Older Demon in CS Lewis`s Screwtape Letters ..” Our Policy for the moment is to conceal ourselves”…but not for much longer.


dizzy said...

First rule when it comes to insurance. never admit you were in the wrong! Shame on you!


Newmania said...

Jesus you are quick Diz...still morally right though

Arthurian Legend said...

Do you believe that The Screwtape Letters contain any truth regarding the nature of God, Satan, evil and the human tendency to self-deception and denial of reality?

In 1000 words.

Newmania said...

I think it contains a great deal of truth about the human condition. I do not think tere are actually little invisible devils skulking about using evil magic on us . I think evil comes from people but I certainly believe in its existence .
They are profoundly funny in the proper sense of profound ( and funny come to think of it )

Arthurian Legend said...

Would the devil wish us to disbelieve in its existence?

If so, could it be that the fact of your disbelief means that it has achieved some measure of interim victory over you, awaiting full victory when you perish?

Where do you think humans "get" the evil from? Or indeed, equally, from where does the virtue in our characters stem?

Do we not need to have some appreciation (however vague) of the nature of the Divine character before we can "make sense" of good and evil?

Philipa said...

Oh I love that quote: "It reminds me of the Older Demon in CS Lewis`s Screwtape Letters ..” Our Policy for the moment is to conceal ourselves” - nice one N

(and I don't know about you but I fancy her... warm mud dya think?)

Raedwald said...

Moore is spot on about the hospital funding gerrymandering - but can anyone be shocked, surprised or astounded by the depths to which Nu Lab corruption will sink any more?

Sleazy, filthy, lying, bent bastards. There's no comparison to poor major's sleaze issues - Conservatives are rank amateurs at this sort of thing. Shirley Porter or Patricia Hewitt - who's the most corrupt? Yes, Hewitt of course. I want to see the whole criminal, perverted, mendacious gutter-smeg of them in the dock.

james higham said...

INM, is there some point to the pic or is it just as gratuitous as the one you haven't yet posted later?

Newmania said...

Oh come on James don`t you like girls ? There was some tenuous excuse ...ish.
Seriously do you think thats not on? I wouldn`t be bothered if a girl did the same with a man......( yeuch)

Newmania said...

I`m sorry AL but you are tempting me into philosophy and for that reason I feel obliged to squash you in a kind and caring way. Is God responsible for good and evil ? If so how did he choose ? Could murder have been good? Either he chose arbitrarily or there was good and evil before god .QED Good and evil are not qualities that have the capacity to be given by an outside agency

( Bertrand Russell quoting JS Mill)
But don`t be shy , if you can explain how an outside agency can be responsible for good and evil I `m all ears.

It is a logical nonsense

Newmania said...

Raedwald I find it both depressing and invigorating that you express my thoughts better than I can.

I agree absolutely

Newmania said...

P ...when are you coming to London ?Do you like CS lewis I had always thought of hime as a male sort of taste?

Philipa said...

No I like C.S. Lewis - bit of a fan but not in a he-can-do-no-wrong ga ga sort of way. Just like him; like what he did. Would like his book er.... Jack recommended it, but can't afford it so ain't gonna bother my head trying to remember the title.

Actually I'm a bit of a grumpy bug today. Blogging usually vents my spleen/provides therapy and I'd start up again as 'he-must-not-be-named' is obviously ignoring my existence so whoo hoo, back in business.

If only I could remember my password.

(wish I was in London. Actually wish I was lots of places rather than here)

Newmania said...

I wish you were in lots of places too P. Yuk Yuk

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