Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Wisdom of Solomon...ish

I was impressed that Roman Abramovich might get away with as a little as £150,000,000 on the first of his serial monogamies. He did this by getting in first and having the matter settled under good old man friendly Russian law. They pretty much kick the woman out into the howling steppes over there ,whereas the UK Hubbie is treated like a farm animal in perpetuity. It can get frustrating and sometimes feelings will boil over ……

'A bitter hubby settled his divorce by sawing up his house and taking his "half" in a forklift truck in Sonneberg, Germany' - The Sun

....women eh ,,they cause such alot of trouble tsk tsk


Anonymous said...

"Whereas the UK hubbie is treated like a farm animal in perpetuity."

Quite nice if you happen to be the farmhouse cat.

But seriously, think about this. The guy who sawed his house to bits. When I'm angry it lasts a few minutes and that's it generally, then I might go into a sulk for a few hours. Gee whiz that must have been a stonker of a grump - to maintain that level of rage in order to dismantle a house ... didn't he stop for one minute and think "hey - this is bonkers" ?


Newmania said...

Yes I `ve thrown a plate or two but its abit of step up isn`t it

The Hitch said...

for 150 million quid you can kick me up the arse all day

Philipa said...

you're always assuming the husband isn't a farm animal. To call some of the guys I've dated pigs would give swine a bad name. Thankfully I wasn't stupid enough to marry them but for 150m hey anythings possible. The whole standing before God and saying I loved them would be a bit of a toughie though - thank heaven for civil marriages!

Anonymous said...

I remember my Mum trying to throw a plugged-in toaster at my Dad - she's only short and it looked sooo funny, this thing over her head.

I battered hell out of a dried flower arrangement one day and had to put it all back together before my wife got home.

And when I was a kid I was trying to fix my bike and lost my temper - I kicked the front wheel ... while I was still riding it !!! I have a scar on my chin and this story formed the basis of my Best Man's speech.

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