Thursday, March 15, 2007

We`re all gonnna die

Love this parliamentary sketch in the Times today, Mr. james Arbuthnot is surely the most miserbale old bugger in the House. Well Done sir !

"I noticed, with anxiety, the tall shadowy form that is James Arbuthnot on the Tory benches. Mr Arbuthnot is the respected head of the Defence Committee but he has tendency towards gloom. He makes Eeyore look like a happy-clappy type. Yesterday, as he arose, I could almost hear the da-da, da-da music from Jaws.

He spoke ponderously, every word another shovel-load of dirt in our communal grave. “I am profoundly pessimistic about the future of the world,” he announced. “Nuclear technology has now been invented. It will never go away. We now have the ability to destroy the world. It is, I regret to say, natural human behaviour that when we have the ability to do something, sooner or later we try it out. That will happen, I believe, before climate change has time to do its worst.”

In other words, whatever happens, we are doomed. It’s enough to give anyone nightmares.


electro-kevin said...

"Nuclear technology has now been invented. It will never go away."

All we have to do is persuade the rest of the world to take on the comprehensive education system - trust me, nuclear technology 'll go away then.

David Allen said...

So Mr Arbuthnot won't be picking up a tan on the shiny happy uplands of CameronLand? More room for the rest of us, then?

Newmania said...

I feel if someone could be persuaded to fetch me cocktail,I might be happy enough there david .

KEV are top form today another zinger. Yes the dark Ages would be welcomed by most of the anti nuclear protesters though..
they can weat rough hemp and have dogs on strinbg and all sorts

electro-kevin said...

I happen to think the retention of a nuclear capability is no bad thing. Resources have never been more in demand and scarce resources is all wars have ever been about (dressed up as religion maybe). We don't know who will be our foes in the future and as for terrorism I still see a use for Trident where the terrorism is State sponsored - in particular the case of nuclear terrorism.

But can someone answer me this ?

Our military autonomy must surely be threatened by the subsuming EU Statism. Also doesn't the US have control over our ability to deploy at the moment ?

Mr Arbuthnot is right in his gloomy assessment, of course and I think everyone knows that secretly. It's really a matter of the way in which we go; personally I hope it's with style, best shoes and suits sort of thing - but with the welfare system the way it is you can just guarantee that we'll be looking like total shit in our last throes.

Armageddon a la chav.

Roll on death.

David Allen said...

Mine's a daiquiri, N!
On a different note, I notice how you have often referred to housing issues as the source of so many of Britain's ills... I wonder if it might be worthwhile to start a thread on this _ especially with respect to the impact of 2nd home ownership on the housing shortage? I think it has all kinds of unintended consequences which none of the parties are addressing: presumably because most of their MPs own 2nd homes!

electro-kevin said...

Hear hear DA.

Newmania said...

That is an intruiging thought David. You are right that i think the points based system of state subsidised housing is terribly damaging.

I lack the illiberality to suggest stopping people from buying second homes. I would suggest that as you are terrific writer and cogent thinker you might ask Ellee to do feature ?

I `ll have think about it as well

Croydonian said...

Oi - I offered guest posts before Ellee, so if David fancies giving it go, he's more than welcome.

David Allen said...

I have just got back from a Hornsey & Wood Green 'do' in Muswell Hill with Brooks Newmark, our MP for Braintree and a co-founder of women2win. Nice chap. Interesting to hear someone address the green and women agenda without making one want to reach for the sickbucket. Same old stuff about needing different mood music to hit the 44% support level, but not enough about how to provide a distinctively Conservative 'take on these and other issues to 'secure' the 31% we tend to take for granted.
re. a 'Guest Post': thanks for the offer C. I should take this up. My only reservation is that your blog is well known for its very well-sourced stories and wealth of citations _ and, I fear, I am only good at polemic! (aka, I am usually to lazy too properly marshall the facts!) I shall try and start work on somethig in the next few days and see what you think. If it passes C's muster, then fine. If not, I will have to make do with Newmania's blog, doggerel to your classical poetry! (I have quite possibly offended both of you with this _ if so, my sincere apologies!

Anonymous said...

Always look on the Bright side of life hey Mr N? Are you down because of some other reason?

Newmania said...

I`m not down ? I thought it was funny....not Mutley stylee funny maybe but wry smilish....I `m usually wrong

CityUnslicker said...

we are all gonna die newmania, fact.

Newmania said...

Every doggerel has its day
(a Classic poem By Newmania)

I sit and write things ,god knows why.
To do my silly blog I try.
It never hits poetic heights
Such as Classic poets might
But even so , I scratch around
Opining on the bits I’ve found
In the hope a plague so dire
Will make the A-list blogs expire
Who knows but on that dreadful day
Someone might have something to say
And having checked the better kind
Will find they must make do with mine

You needn’t worry about offending me David , I really don’t worry about that sort of thing ,.( Or indeed much at all )

Doggerel ....deep sigh.....

Newmania said...

we are all gonna die newmania, fact.

His Grace has sometimes remarked that the modern is under the illusion he will live forever and for this reason worries more about his Mortgage than his soul.

I `m certainly not going to live forever through my doggerel anyway........( not offended oh no ..not a bit of it ...)

electro-kevin said...

There's no place like home... there's no place like home ... there's ...

Newmania said...

You forgot to click your Ruby slippers together Kev fact suspect you forgot to have any.
Did you know that the Dwarf actors who played the Munchkins went on a wild whoring and drinking spree for the whole shoot .Its legendary.

Other Dwarf Related fim facts are ...At the end of Casablanca when the " maybe not today , mayabenot tommorow but soon snd for the rest of your life..." is going on, the mechanics in the background are played by Dwarfs

This I because the Plane is scaled down cut-out, on a lot and normal sized people would have appeared about 25 ft tall.
I wish noone had ever told me though.Its all I can think about when I watch it and its so obvious when you know .

electro-kevin said...

Oh Jeez New - how am I going to get to sleep now ? I can't stop laughing. I'm in absolute stitches.

Ha ha ha ah .... etc.

Philipa said...

I would ask how many of you have studied nuclear physics but that's no guarantee of having a sensible view. Familiarity with a subject is no guarantee of good sense. But glib dependance on nuclear power is not good sense. It's naive.

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