Monday, March 05, 2007

Punny Headlines

Sometimes you can see it coming a mile away can`t you

Benny Macarthy scores 2 penalties for Blackburn and .......

'Penni McCarthy' - The Daily Mirror.

'Peni McCarthy' - The Sun.

'Benni Spots The Difference' - The Daily Star.

'Benni's Spot Of Revenge Over Bolton' - The Daily Mail.

I do rather enjoy a good pun actually as well as a bad head line . Ilike the classics
"Shell found on Beach!"
"Body Found in Graveyard"

For punnery I have a soft spot for "The Unbearable Lateness of Boeing"

Any more ?


electro-kevin said...

Grave Mistake

Watford Observer regarding burial of wrong body. As it concerned a 42 year-old father of 4 I wrote in and complained, even though I thought it was funny.

Newmania said...

Mmmmm tricky , I would feel much the same

David Allen said...

The famous one line review of the play of the Isherwood book

'I am a camera' _ Me no leica!

Newmania said...

Super duper david the masked quoter be topped

view from the solent said...

Super Cally Go Ballistic, Celtic are Atrocious.
I hope that currant bun sub got a bonus

David Allen said...

Gosh, N, I know where to come for compliments: First "soft-skinned", now "super-duper!"

Newmania said...


CityUnslicker said...

arsenal nil..I like that one!

Newmania said...

I do not

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