Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One For My Baby

You’ll get so lonely
Well maybe its better that way
But it aint you only
You’ve Got something to say

. perhaps my favourite lines in all of Rock/Pop and a Libertarian anthem for the bolshy right wing youth I was.( Eddie and the Hot Rods)

People are talking about a new right intelligentsia ( rules me out ), well Michael Gove , and some desperate journo`s, have flung together a paste board job or two. I wonder if anyone else has that, “I was a punk before you were a punk ",feeling , about the Johnny and Jilly come latelys
“Well hi everybody take a look at me I ve got street credibility …” as the popular crooner Georgio Michael once trilled.

I have always been a Conservative . At school I was called” Nuremberg”, implying my trial was imminent . At university ,I was in a minority of one, plus a load of farmers ,and in general I always seem to have been the only righty .
It has been like coming home ,finding I have allies . Ask anyone that has ever known me ,and they will tell you I have changed my views little ,since I was eleven. I said things like, “Well go and live in Russia if you think its so great !“, in a snotty falsetto , and got sneered at , do you know the type ?

Throughout the period in which ,to say you admired Margaret Thatcher, was to invite a drivel of alternative,( to ), comedy , I never denied her. Understanding little about the politics ,it was above all, the transparent insincerity of the left ,that I reacted against .
There was something so obviously right about what she said and I had been waiting to hear it as the country was.What enormous pleasure it gives me now , to read her memoirs , and I thought I would share a flavour of the great woman’s writing . She writes superbly …but of course the arts establishment were out for her by then.

Callaghan loses vote of confidence

"Denis , who was watching from the Opposition box on the floor of the house shouted hooray and was quite properly reproved by one of the sergeants of arms "
Notice the gentle self mocking tone which has been a surprising and endearing treat. Why did we never see how funny she was ?

Know your enemy

“We call then socialist, social democrat, statist or merely Butskellite*

* A political term dating form the 1950s denoting a consensus combining the moderate Conservatism of R A Butler and the moderate Socialism of Hugh Gaitskell

The way it felt

“The final illusion -that state intervention would promote social harmony and solidarity , or , in Tory language “ One Nation “ - collapsed in the Winter of discontent , when the dead went unburied and critically ill patients were turned away from hospitals by pickets, and the prevailing mood was one of snarling envy and motiveless hostility”

The nation state ,,this follows a passage on the resistance to Hitler

“ My view was and is that - that an effective internationalism can only be built by strong nations which are able to call upon the loyalty of their citizens to defend and enforce civilised rules of international conduct. An internationalism that seeks to supersede the nation state , however will founder quickly on the reality that few people are prepared to make genuine sacrifices for it .”

Try arguing with that ! You just wouldn’t and ...

“ We intended to achieve a fundamental change of direction. We stood for a new beginning not more o the same “

Are you listening Cameron ….some would say?

I`ll finish with three personal quotes . The first two show that skill for being subtly ironic with her persona and the third needs no explanation.

On the Queen

“ ..the press could not resist the temptation to suggest disputes between the Place and Downing Street especially in Commonwealth affairs I always found the Queen’s attitude to the work of government absolutely correct”
…( well lucky her …)

On the French

“ I recall on one occasion watching President Giscard d Estaing gazing at the two portraits in the dining room . - one of the young Nelson , the other of Wellington. He remarked on the irony. I replied that it was no less ironic that I should have to look at portraits of Napoleon on my visits to Paris. In retrospect I can see that this was not quite a parallel . Napoleon lost.”……..and so he did….

On Denis

“ …being Prime minister is a lonely job . In a sense it ought to be you cannot lead from the crowd. But with Denis there I was never alone. What a man. What husband . What a friend “

It’s a bit of a meander I know but this is …..“One for my baby “. We all get to do one surely ?


Praguetory said...

A moving piece describing the maelstrom of emotions upon stumbling upon a new experience deep into middle age. Momentarily, I wanted to hug you. Momentarily. Mutley passes his regards on.

Newmania said...

Thanks P...?

Ellee said...

Some very touching male bonding here.

Newmania said...

Ellee I must ask you to say whatever you like. This is not a proffessional blog it is a personal blog.

David Allen said...

Ah! She IS wonderful, isn't she? I'm glad to have met her on a couple of occasions. That will be quite something to tell young 'uns when I'm in my dotage _ I like to think the final rout of the Guardianistas will have taken place by then and ALL will acknowledge her fabulousness by then.

Newmania said...

That is very impressive David , you do get about in some widely varying milieus don`t you :)

Helen Sparkles said...

Thanks for your comment, sometimes I check my traffic, & I have more visitors than one would think if looking at the lack of comments! At least I don't have to argue with anyone who disagrees with me, maybe they all took a wrong from another site, or perhaps I scare them off. One would think not if my picture makes me look "alluring and sexy in an understated sort of way" which I do take as a compliment definitely, but "not bad for a girl" does that mean you like boys better?

Newmania said...

but "not bad for a girl" does that mean you like boys better?

You rotter HS !!! There is no homophobia here but as it happens I like girls ...a lot actually .
I find it varies , people drift about and we all have limited time I just try to plod along.

Anyway I did think you made a very sensible point and if you look at the comment I made above you will see the sort of thing I am thinking .

Good for you.......

istanbultory said...

The Blessed Margaret realised long before most of her contemporaries that soulless internationalism, a fundamental belief of every type of leftist, scorns any sense of place or loyalty to the nation-state and favours impersonal, bureaucratic blocs of standardised political ideology. Tradition and culture, a feeling for one's own place under the sun, a sense of one's roots is essential. The perspective of internationalism is a core characteristic of green/environmentalist thought and one we should be sceptical of….

Ellee said...

Thank you, it's not a sore point, is it?

Newmania said...

Giood old IT. can`t argue with that of course

Are you back to fighting form yet ?

Newmania said...

Thank you, it's not a sore point, is it?

I don`t really have such things Ellee . People do get cyber sulky don`t they, I am always amazed.I just try to be funny (with varied results )

Helen Sparkles said...

About touching male bonding? I just try to be funny too, also with varying results, & was just mischief making.

Newmania said...

was just mischief making.

Tempting Miss Sparkles very tempting......

Ellee said...

Phew, me too.

Helen Sparkles said...

BTW, I think I'm pouring tea on a barge, I know how to live!

electro-kevin said...

I can't help but feel ambivilant about the big 'T' at the moment now I've seen how it's all turned out. I should be grateful merely for the fact that we weren't all frazzled in the great nuclear conflagration which seemed innevitable at one point and caused me to fluff my 'A' levels. Dissappointed. however, that the middle-classes changed from the image of her father into the image of her son during her tenure. (plagiarised)

Glad you note the importance of the Arts Establishment in opinion forming. Polemicists such as Peter Hitchens will never have the impact. The impetus for neo-political motivation comes from art, film and music and the haze induced by alcohol.


oh - behind every great woman is a man.

Newmania said...

I `m not sure from whence your ambivelence comes Kev.

BTW we had a great debate on the arts a while ago in which some contributors you may not have come across migrated from His Graces Blog. Nick Drew is incredibly knowlegeable on a very wide range of subjects and was on top form I reacll,and Colin who is a magnificent poster was to the fore.

Pity you weren`t here , you always have a new angle

electro-kevin said...

From whence my ambivilance comes..

I'm a Gemini.

Action said...

New man,
The working class are ALREADY celebrating Thatcher's death!
Read all about it at Action-without-theory

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