Saturday, March 31, 2007

Freedom and Slavery

The idea that the brutal legacy of the slave trade lives today in black Britain has some merit , but the implication of universality is incorrect. The third and fourth generations of West Indian families who went to the US and Canada in the 1950s are remarkably free from "the problems that afflict much of Britain's black population". They are for the most part educated income earners. Many are entrepreneurs and property owners.
One can only conclude that West Indian migrants to America were either of a different strain or that British society, its ethos and racism, is more virulently inhibiting of West Indian enterprise and creativity than it is in America. We are left to conclude that the problems of black people in Britain are not inherent in the West Indians or indeed, Africans, themselves; the problems have colonial origins to some extent but perhaps more importantly our culture of victim hood and infantilisation.
How dreadful for the bleeding hearts to discover they are actually harming black men and women. Isn`t it obvious though , they are the same as everyone else

They want to be free


Ed said...

For inspiration, please see Shaun Bailey, newly selected candidate for Hammersmith.

Newmania said...

Yes saw that Ed sadly the first thing I thought was " Was he really the best candidate ?"

Ed said...

Most definitely the best candidate, and the best of a truly excellent bunch.

Grant, Frieze and Goodall will go on to make excellent MPs elsewhere.

Just wait until you hear Bailey speak, he's inspirational.

Ms Smack said...

Thank-you sweetheart for linking me.

Your entry into my post 'Absent' was truly sensational by the way. Riveting!


The Hitch said...

Its all bolocks , if black people fail in this country its their own fault.
I live in W9 and the next postcode is (suprise) w10 mainly inhabited by the third /fourth generation west indians you mentioned , they have jobs, own their own homes and drive nice cars and most importantly the younger ones speak english with an english accent not patois.
The trouble comes from the dross on the sink estates who in turn are decended from the dross that were dross in Jamaica , or white dross who are from generations of white dross.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think it was great that Shaun Bailey was selected - he is really a great decent and honest man!

electro-kevin said...

'Freedom and Slavery'

Freedom IS Slavery:

The greatest source of modern anxiety is going out shopping for washing powder and being confronted with thirty different choices.

Newmania said...

EK love that I cannot imagine where you get your ideas from bu they are always different .

Newmania said...

HItch I think , as usual , that there is something in what you say. I do also think that the benefits society of this country has had a pecialarly poor effect on Caribean people.

YOu point abou the differet Islands is certainly one that Black friends of mine emphasise

Newmania said...

Ed and Mutley well that is really heartneing news and its great to feel you have something to celebrate for once .

Thanks for that

Go Bailey
Go Bailey

Anonymous said...

Mr The Hitch has a point about how low horizons,ambitions and prospects are inherited regardless of race or colour.

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