Thursday, March 22, 2007

Flat Tax

The budget is a it dull isn’t it . The tax trick didn’t last more than a second or two in our office and by yesterday evening the Standard was tearing it to pieces . I have managed to find one journalist who has different view though. Whereas the Telegraph in common with everyone else points out the obvious ……..

“As well as promising to cut the basic rate of income tax from 22p to 20p Brown abolished the 10p starting rate . It means that taxpayers will start paying at 20p in the pound effectively doubling the rate for those on less than £15,000 per year…and the ceiling above which NI will not be payable will rise from £38,840 to £43,000… etc.”

The Conjurors Assistant

In the New Statesman Martin Bright who Guido has already accused of selling out to the Sith looks at it in a rather different way

” Brown was determined to leave No. 11 with a bang rather than with a whimper . His spectacular flourish at the end of his budget speech- a cut in the of 2p in the basic rate of income tax – certainly achieved that.
“The surprise element was reinforced by the abolition of the 10p rate in order to target tax credits at pensioners as well as at the poorest children and families. This may turn out to be genuinely redistributive “

I cannot make any sense of this sort of childish misrepresentation “Reinforced ?” . In what sense can he possibly mean that the one “reinforced” the other. Its sad to see a journalist who was once respected reduced to these depths. He is like the Conjurors`s assistant trying to divert attention away from the “sleight of hand “.

Why do we accept the dishonesty?

The only reason for the manoeuvring on National Insurance (why is it not just called tax ?) , ceilings , time lags and so on ,is to quite deliberately confuse and befuddle the tax payer . Its incredible the extent to which we accept that the Chancellor will mislead us whenever he can . There is even a sort of admiring in-game assessing how well he has done it.

Yet again we have seen the tax burden shift from that which we can see, to that which is hidden from us , and we already live in a country where invisible tax is about the same size as Income tax .This is an ongoing grievous attack on our democracy . David Cameron said a long time ago that his primary aim with taxation was to simplify . Certainly there is no point in promising this and that now which can only be rearranging the furniture The reform has to be in stages. Simplify and then cut . In fact the one will inevitably follow the other and that is the only way to make serious inroads to the state ..


Flat tax has been adopted in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Georgia, Romania, and Macedonia. Proponents believe the simplicity and efficiency of the flat tax is a key reason behind Eastern Europe's dramatic growth.. It may not in its pure form be possible to entirely reach the position here, but the closer we are able to get to it the better it would be both for the economy and for the health of the nation. At the moment we have to watch the puffs of smoke and wait for the experts, why ?. It is our money and nothing is more important to me than the eradication of this small print. It would land a financial adviser in Court in ten seconds.

Don`t Put up With It !

So the question you should be asking when someone is unpicking the endless threads of the intricate Brownite tapestry is not .“ What is Happening?”,It is

“ Why the hell are you hiding things from me ?”


frobisher said...

I really think the "contempt" Gordon Brown has for his colleagues extends to the general population - which he sees as "cash cows" to be milked to within an inch of their lives.

What a unpleasant piece of shit he is.

Anonymous said...

They all life lives way different to normal people - how can doubling the tax for the very low paid be a good ting?

Newmania said...

What a unpleasant piece of shit he is.

A glutinous preening fucker as well

Newmania said...

how can doubling the tax for the very low paid be a good ting?

Ask his Puppet at the New Statesman but I agree with you

BABY JESUS said...
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Ms Smack said...

UM, i think you have a bunnyboiler.

Newmania said...

ooo look I deleted something I didn1t know i could . I wouldn`t delete most things but I couldn`t see any thing .

thos friends of phitch i think

Bel said...

newmania, I agree with you about flat taxes. Also there is a very convincing case for simplification. The tax legislation has more than doubled in size since Labour came into office. It is now not uncommon to see Finance Bills of over 600 pages. Sometimes tax laws are passed, then before they have had time to be established, they are tinkered with, or amended substantially, or even repealed, causing a lot of uncertainty for everyone.

Yes, we need flatter, simpler taxes.

Anonymous said...

This may surprise you, but I'm all for a flat tax rate. Not so 'wet' after all. Well, I assume I might be if I met Mr. Smack....

Newmania said...

Hey oiks , see that bel she is a mind your manners

Hi are becoming a slippery eel of late are you not . I think your sensitive nose has sniffed the wind and felt a warm gust of right wingery in the air eh ?

electro-kevin said...

And yet again the Daily Mail fawns over Brown ! I despair.

Went to the dump today and all of the council workers have been replaced by Polish contractors - I asked the supervisor what was going on and he said "I can't really comment, but let me put it this way - sixteen buses are leaving Poland every day."

And our MEPs think the EU and Brownian employment policy is going to keep the peace ?

The UK economy is a sham.

mary jane rotten-crotch said...

Oooh - I love him when he's angry.

electro-kevin said...

Piss off, Mary Jane, you festering boil. I told you it was over last week. Go away.

Newmania said...

What have you got against the Poles then kevin they come and work .They don`t help much but all in all they are an asset aren`t they. Not a lot of trouble either ?

Frankly there are groupos of immigrants that worry me a vast deal more .

Various from the sub continent on the eve lasting relative chain

For two

Newmania said...

Kev =Miss Rotten Crotch I assume ?

electro-kevin said...

I have nothing against Poles at all (as I said on Ellee) - they are hired because they are cheaper which means that wages are being driven down as prices are going up.

There are a number of issues I could discuss here but for this thread I'll stick to the fact that the benefits of Gordon Brown's 'brilliance' are certainly not being felt by the working class.

electro-kevin said...

Miss R-C ? Oh you've spoilt it now, N. I was kinda trying to make myself seem er ...desirable ?

I was just jealous of you being such a babe-magnet an' all ...

Newmania said...

A babe magnet I am not (sadly ).Bel is a babe with a brain but apart from that obvious drawback she is my current virtual swoon.

I have a long term admiration for Verity but she is to fine and noble a woman for impure thoughts ...

Margorie is rather ace as well

electro-kevin said...

Back to Poles. Once again no issue with them as people - they often put ours to shame.

An interesting question for you:

Now that the establishment has ceceded control of our borders and shown disloyalty and disrespect to indiginous people, and should a grave international crisis arise, are the working classes any longer obliged to answer to military conscription ?

I think not.

David Allen said...

I think you are on to something with this 'NI as a way of hiding the income tax rate', N! If you ask people what the tax rate is, they say '22%' _ and now '20%'. I'd like to see George Osborne biting the bullet and combining the 2 into one headline rate. If people could see that higher figure, it would be much easier to sell to them the idea that 'tax is too high' _ and should be lowered. It is also more transparent, which is good in itself. Of course, the threshold for the higher rate would have to be adjusted upwards to make the whole exercise revenue-neutral.
We should also make the higher rate genuinely for high earners. Ugly Gordon's failure to raise the threshold must have brought millions of extra people into its maw _ including people in quite ordinary jobs like me. I'd like to see a commitment to increase thresholds over the lifetime of a parliament to bring the proportion of earners paying higher tax down to the level it was in 1997.
re. The Poles: where they are doing jobs which we can't fill with our own native-born welfare junkies, I accept the sit'n. They are one the whole good, law-abiding folk. But I share E-K's concern with unscrupulous employers sacking rafts of low-paid Brits and replacing them with even lower-paid migrant labour. We taxpayers end up paying more anyway, because we are not only paying the wage sof the Poles but also the extra benefits we then have to pay to those made unemployed by this phenomenon.

Newmania said...

David I agree with all of that although I have nothing against the Poles

I met two people that know you tonight by the way. Both gay Tories.
I was singing your praises of course

electro-kevin said...

Oh my,

There seem to be an awful lot of gay Tories. It must be a very happy party indeed !

I like gays in general. During my secondment to Heathrow Express I certainly seemed to attract a following - I'm not gay myself, but I found it all very flattering.

electro-kevin said...

And Dave Allen,

Nice to see you again,

I agree with your agreeing with me but can we agree ... blah de blah..

This 'unscrupulous' employment situation has reached council level whereby they use foreign labour vicariously through agencies. The councils may try to absolve themselves of guilt but no one is fooled by such blame-shifting "It woz the agency wot dunnit !"

So not only are our councils rip-off merchants, centres for the promotion of social Marxism through PC and 'green' ishews ...

...they are also proactive in the creation of an underclass and do this at the expense of the taxpayer. They also do this with a double-whammy of placing further strain on local services and while causing fragmented and multi-lingual communities. The true costs cannot be measured simply in terms of money.

No wonder they're so keen to keep our kids in school until well into adulthood - it keeps the unemployment stats down, you see.

(I don't trust Brown's figures)

The councils tell us that this tendering is being done in the interests of economy whilst concurrently our taxes outstrip inflation and while services are being curtailed and while wages are being driven down.

Oh dear.

Perhaps there ought to be a reality/honesty check:

Daz White Challenge politician

"Look, we can no longer keep you in the lifestyle you are accustomed to, the planet has gone global and you are in direct competition with everyone in the world now. In the meantime we're going to dumb down your education whilst raising your expectations through 'reality' TV. So, instead of hurting your feelings we are going to pretend it's not happening whilst pushing ahead with globalisation anyway - in fact we're working right now to bring globalism to your doorstep (my kids are exempted from this of course)"

At least with this searing honesty our people could prepare themselves for what is to come. A recent comment made by Alaistair Cambell on The Hitch reveals a lot:

"I come here and realise it was all worth it."

They must hate us. Pure and simple.

electro-kevin said...

... and the British men sacked by the council are most certainly 'welfare junkies' now.

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