Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Choice Cuts

On the Blog Roll I keep I am trying to keep in touch with them all and if one starts to bore me I will take it off. Its isn`t important but a bit different to the endless unread stuff everyone leaves around….( which actually is useful for me so don`t stop) )
My favourite posts from yesterday were

Croydonian with a Private Eye Style classis on La Toynbee`s “ Ever changing moods"

Bel is my current virtual swoon and she has superb Alic Miles quote demonstrating the congenitally inward gaze of the Labour Party

“Look at the widespread interpretation of Mr Straw’s appointment as a “coup” for the Brown campaign. Only in a sort of fantasy Westminster politics it is. Mr Straw, as is obvious to anyone with half an eye on politics rather than a living in it, is simply interested in a plum position in the subsequent Brown Government. Securing Mr Straw’s agreement to be campaign manager must have been about as hard as securing a donkey’s agreement to spend a day in a carrot shop.”

To make up for stealing it can I also mention that her thoughts on Labour`s cavalier attitude to the protection of legal rights ( Bling) just below are magnificent as well. Visit her !!!

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