Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Citizen Journalists Are We ....( The Hitch Item)

If anyone missed it that Private Eye article was as follows typed by my own unwilling fingers . Incidentally it’s a good issue and worth buying the very first but deals with the£35,000,000,000 of balance sheet PFI borrowings that I have been puzzling about for the last years and predicts that the Financial Reporting Advisory Board are going to recommend scrapping “Technical Note One by which all this borrowing disappears . The timing of this showdown which has been the body rotting under Broons bed will be crucial with inflation and unemployment going wrong . His reputation for prudence will be shot. When you come to think of it its not as if the Labour party would have saved us from the ERM debacle anyway

The Hitch

“ the advent of blogging and “citizens Journalism” prompted a number if frenzied predictions , but it is probably fair to say that the image of “Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens ,hammering on the door of a suburban house ,while his doppelganger cowered inside in his underpants was not among them.
That however was the scenario that unfolded when the author of, “the Abolition of Britain” ,resolved to challenge the man ,who has, for the past few months ,been posting abusive messages on his website ,and running his own blog under the name Peter Hitchens. It is claimed in this person’s defence that this is parody,” the real Hitchens complains .”But most of what this person writes is coarse and he ceaselessly uses Lavatory wall language something any reader of mine knows I loathe“.
Having managed to acquire the home address of “Peter Hitchens “ by “perfectly legitimate means “peter Hitchens cycled there . “Peter Hitchens “ refused to answer the door on the grounds he outlined to a fellow Blogger
1 He didn’t ring the bell
2 I was wearing nothing but my underwear
3 I thought “ No fucking way is that Peter Hitchens”
-but having said that he admires his balls ( a compliment Hitchens would no doubt have returned had he been able to see beyond the door ), he has agreed from hereon to post his own particular brand of right wing vitriol under the name “The Hitch “. Oddly enough this is the name Christopher Hitchens is known by observes the Mystery Blogger, “ But bugger him I don’t like him and if he complains he can get lost”. The Eye suggests it would be simpler the real Peter Hitchens to start calling himself Bonkers Like everyone else does.
PS Hitchens may not be the only hack to be the victim of cyber mischief. ……..blah blah

Pretty funny eh? I choked on my coffee.By the way Arthur`s Legend has got a terrific post up on the development of Blair`s Foreign Policy myopia. In fact his blog is always superb


Ellee said...

Congratulations, you have uploaded a picture, and all for the sake of informing us about Peter Bonkers. Is that the real one, or the fake one, btw?

CityUnslicker said...

I must buy this tomorrow...are you on a commission?

Steven_L said...

I haven't bought a copy in a few months. Usual routine is I buy it, park in the pub, laugh at the cartoons, then get more drunk, the read the bits about the politicans all have their hands in the till and get incredibly annoyed to the point I drink too much and start ranting about it all to some startled alcy.

Maybe I'll treat myself

electro-kevin said...

Good on Peter Hitchens

Good on Peter Hitchens

(that was not a typo)

I'm extremely proud and supportive of one of them and like the other very much.

Anonymous said...

Always buy it to read "Dumb Britain".

Quiz show host: What is the capital of India?

Contestant: "Paris!”

You cal always find Haringey under "rotten boroughs".

Oh, by the way, I think The Hitch is a saddo.

Newmania said...

I disagree or at any rate then so am I

Anonymous said...

I think, to a degree, we're *all* quiet sad!!!

electro-kevin said...

Well I'm deliriously, manically, uncontrollably happy and ...

... I guess that makes me quite sad too Justin.

G Eagle Esq said...

Sehr geEhrter Paul

Well done - you're not a saddo nor a tarp

Your obedient servant etc

G Eagle

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