Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Link therefore I am

Under intense pressure from Praguetory I have finally persuaded Croydonian to help me put some links up . I `m not a fan of blogs about bloggery with its incestuous and fetid atmosphere. I think its a medium for reaching out or its a chat room without the sex . I `m taking a different tack than some who fill their pages with hundreds of links. I have linked to Blogs I actually read and like .I will not link to any more.I do look at others, City Slicker for example but I want to give new entrants something manageable.

I hope anyone whose arm I twist to look at mine will give them a glance they are all , in their different ways ,well worth reading .

1 Top of my list is Croydonian . He takes the gold medal by a shirts width. His stories are several days ahead of the mainstream media and his speed in picking them out and presenting them is quite astonishing . He interacts with contributors often deepening a comment with background material and never fails to be courteous and amusing. He posts several items a day and for his readers is a running on the minute news source. If you look at one ;look at his .
2 In no particular order from this point Praguetory is what I regard as the Boggers blogger. He is the sort of Conservative Socialist cannot abide . Combatitive and ferociously clever , nothing seems to escape him. You don’t get the humour of the more clubbable Croydonian but you do get an informed Party Political view. His slant is more to mainstream Conservative Politics and without him the “sphere” would lose a commentator of real worth and substance. You will know more than you did before after a few moments in his company.
3 Fortean Times is written by the lovely Phillipa whose presence is one of the great attractions of Boris`s Blog. This is more , like mine, a personal and occasional Blog concerning her interests . She is , in my view, the best writer of all and at times produces imaginative and lyrical flights of ironic invention that are a delight. Beguiling , warm complicated sexy and Conservative to her fingertips .The perfect women . To visit her is to meet her. Please do.
4 Ellee- I sometimes find Elee a bit alarmingly left wing…well compared to me anyway!! . She does like her environmental issues and is nice to everyone ,which I cannot be. I love her blog though . She is more journalistic in style able to present issues clearly with depth balance and always a pleasure to read. There is a sort of calm and good nature about her that is a welcome change form the over heated atmosphere of virtual shouting .
It seems astonishing that you are not required to pay for her posts which are limpid pools of sense with wonderfully presented supporting information.
5 Raincoaster- rain coaster is based in Vancouver and in this bog has little to say about politics . I include it in the hope that people may see what is possible with the medium. She creates a sort of media work of art in which oddments and cultural snippets float like glittering fish in her aquarium Her persona is acerbic and a performance that is an integral part of the experience. If you want a glimpse of the possibilities the new virtual world go and see her. Her Political views are woeful so be warned.
6 Cramner is well known enough not to need further praise from me. In his capacity as the ghostly wraith of the Protestant Martyr Cranmner comments on religious and political matters. One of the best things about this blog are the contributions of Voyager .If there is a more knowledgeable human being currently trotting about the orb I am yet to meet him. Here you will find wit and wisdom in an artfully ironic context.Not to be missed
Suz Blog is here because she is local . She seems very nice and as she has just been kicked out of the Liberal Party there may be hope for her. I have found her views ridiculous in the past and I hate pink.

8 Huntin and shootin is the new Blog started by Justin Hinchcliffe . He is the leader of the Conservatives in the next Borough along and ..I see that I haven’t done the link yet . I’ll get back to him….

9 Mutley the Dog makes me laugh. What more is there to say…?

So that’s it , those are my recommendations Iain Dale Conservative Home Boris and Guido are more like institutions and no doubt you will find them but these are the ones I read with the most personal pleasure.
Go on , have a browse.


Ellee said...

Hi, I've never been described as leftie-leaning before, I would say I am a Liberal Cons. I enjoyed reading this and you have summed everyone up brilliantly. I will certainly check out Philipa's site, you sound smitten.

I'd never thought of charging, btw. That's why they say the best things in life are free!

Croydonian said...

Thanks for that. Now to rein in an out of control ego....

istanbultory said...

Amen to your selected bloggers. Suffice to add that the Devil's Kitchen is also good value in blogging terms.

Justin said...

Why no link to my blog? I'm now going to jack up my dose of Prozac!!!

Praguetory said...

Cheers for the link and the mention N. On the subject of Socialists hating me, I am planning on listing a few testimonials. Incendiary bugger and smartarsed little oik are among my favourites so far, but if anyone spots any more carefully crafte insults be sure to let me know. Cheers.

Ellee said...

Thanks for the link, btw. I could never pick on a selected few because I know it would ruffle feathers, as Justin says, when there are so many great sites to link up with.

Can't wait to see what PragueTory is up to next.

Peter Hitchen's schlong said...

But you seem to have overlooked PHITCH's burgeoning effort.

newmania said...

Ellee- A Liberal Conservative is alrmingk=ly left wing from my point of view but I wasn`t entirely serious.I am a Conservative Conservative .
Istanbultory - I `m told you do an excellent one yourself but I don`t have the time for any more.You always seem like an excellent sort

Justin Don`t Worry yours is a must , I still want to do local things when I can and as I have said before I only wish you were just over the border.Really

PHITCH You haven`t done anything yet and I was trying to keep in short in the hope that those on it might actually get some passing traffic over the months and , who knows , years

..and no more of this self regarding stuff from me. I am going to try to drum up local support and focus more on Islington

Croydonian said...

Not a bad set of links you've got there now squire.

CityUnslicker said...

Thanks for the mention. I note you refer to raincoaste as a bog. As it happend that has made me more inspired to go take a look.

Anonymous said...

Sorry CU I couldn`t be bothered to change it . Frankly bloggong as subject boes the tits from my manly chest and I am on a time limit.

Philipa said...

Newmania - thanks so much for the kind words, ditto dude!

Ellee - I'm new to this blog-whoring business so my disclaimer is I didn't expect anyone to but stumble by, and then on their own head be it. 'Spose I'd better write something semi-serious then and I'd have said thanks sooner to Newmania but I've been stalled by his excellent post on Sure Start; grrrr!!! Must comment there.

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